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Divine Healing Clinic: Healing Beyond Time & Space

The New Earth is here already. You are home already. Love, power and wisdom are within you already – and in this age of Light, we are harnessing that ancient knowledge as we awaken to our deepest truth and prepare to fulfil the divine potential that has been dormant in us all.

Come and explore the frequencies of Metatron – dissolving the worn-out stories of separation to rekindle the power of your heart – and heal your life!

Welcome to the Divine Healing Clinic. We offer simple and easily accessible routes by which you can access the places in your cellular memory where imprints of separation and lack have been stored, dissolving these settings and restoring the natural ones of Health, Creativity and Joy.

The high frequencies of Archangel Metatron are the energies of Divine Love: as these work with your cellular awareness, your beliefs and your life are transformed from the inside out. Experience these energies directly, dissolving stress and finding deep inner calm when you sign up to our Newsletter and receive our free Peace Transmission in return.

Modern research is focusing scientific resources on the remarkable effects of Prayer in Healing. Our attention and activity at the Divine Healing Clinic is focused on that Force: our Audio mp3s invoke the support of Divine Consciousness, harnessing the palpable frequencies of Love which emanate from that Source to help you directly in applying the effects of these frequencies to your life. You will also find an ongoing programme of Online Teaching Events held by Pippa Merivale.

All of this supports the work of Metatronic Healing® – the powerful, deep-acting system for healing and life transformation that is spreading around the globe. Metatronic Healing and the Divine Healing Clinic together offer high-frequency energies and tools to address the unconscious patterns that have held you back from the full expression of your potential, healing them, and releasing your own dormant forces of wisdom and the authentic power of your soul.