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27-Day Healing/Prayer: Awakening Soul Power

27-Day Healing/Prayer: Awakening Soul Power

Pippa will work with you at the same time each day. The challenges, intentions and prayers that you have expressed are physically placed in a ‘Metatronic bowl’ at the start of the event, and Pippa holds these in the Metatronic field throughout the event. She works in deep communion with Metatron for 75-90 minutes each day, finishing with the daily, energy-charged Energy Report: the observations she records can and often do help in the understanding of your own process.

The Healing & Prayer programme is given in 3 Segments of 7 days each, with an interval of 3 days between each Segment while the frequencies become integrated within your psyche. This creates a 27-day programme in all, healing fundamental issues around the separation consciousness that has defined our species through millennia, and re-awakening your true connection with the guidance and clarity of your Soul.

Each daily session addresses a specific area:

tibetan bowl 2

Segment One: Soul Reconnection

(1) Finding Clarity of Intention. (2) Opening to Companionship. (3) Expanding your Sensory Reach. (4) Dissolving Addictive Patterns. (5) Embracing the Lessons of Suffering. (6) Reaching for Joy. (7) Touching the Deep Heart.

Segment Two: The Individual & the Group

(1) Honouring your Self in the Other. (2) Honouring the Other in your Self. (3) Healing the Mother {Inner & Outer}. (4) Healing the Father {Inner & Outer}. (5) Healing the Child {Inner & Outer}. (6) Healing the Group. (7)Releasing the Intuitive Power.

Segment Three: Resurrection

(1) Forgiving your Past. (2) Forgiving Others. (3) Finding Atonement {At-One-Ment}. (4) Resolving Karma. (5) Reconnecting your Spirit. (6) Personal Resurrection. (7) Integration.