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27-Day Healing/Prayer (1) Details

27-Day Healing/Prayer Details

Pippa will work with you at the same time each day, placing your challenges, intentions and prayers in the Metatronic Field, working in deep communion with Metatron for 27 minutes and then writing an energy-charged email, “Reporting from the 11th Dimension”. The emails provide great support and guidance.

The Healing & Prayer programme is given in 3 Segments of 7 days each, with an interval of 3 days between each Segment while the frequencies become integrated within your psyche. This creates a 27-day programme in all, healing the issues around Lack, and Relationship, and creating Miracle Consciousness.

Each daily session addresses a specific area:

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Segment One:

DNA Survival Imprints. Erasing Spiritual Poverty Beliefs. Need, Greed, True Wealth. Envy & Self-Worth. Giving & Receiving. Freeing your Voice. Sex & Survival.

Segment Two:

Money in Relationship. Victim & Dependency Beliefs. Faith & Trust. Male/Female Balance. Dealing with Stress.Personal Power & Health. Control versus Authentic Power.

Segment Three:

The Heart & Honouring the Self. Expanding the Imagination. Dissolving Obstacles. Lighting the Relationship Network. Freedom & Clarity of Goals. Embodying your Higher Self. Joy, Faith, Success.