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7-Day Events

7-Day Events

The 7-Day Events – Modules addressing specific issues and challenges – are intensive group healing programmes, conducted at a distance and each addressing an aspect of your Health and Wellbeing, such as Physical and Energetic Vitality, Emotional Clarity, Relationship Harmony, Financial Health, and more.

For the 7 Days of each Module, Pippa works in communion with Metatron for 75-90 minutes at the same time each day, holding you in a powerful Metatronic Field to clear the cellular imprints, stories and conditioning that have blocked your flow in the past, limiting your creativity and achievement, replacing these with the high Metatronic frequencies of Love, and writing a “Report from the 11th Dimension” golden handwhich supports the sequence and helps to ground the energies into your life. Your cells are filled with fresh energy and information, bringing vitality, prosperity, harmony, peace of mind and other qualities that support you in activating your true potential. Two of these are currently scheduled:

Relationshift 10th-16th September 2016. Transforming the Challenges and Separation that have characterised Relationship and Friendship in a 3D world-view to the Love, Power and Co-Creation of Relationship in 5D.

The Christ Activations: Metatron & The Cosmic Christ 10th-16th December 2016. Activating the Cosmic Christ matrix that lies dormant in your cells; awakening the Christ-force within you.

Physical Vitality (1) 16th-22nd March 2016. Addressing the Bodily Channels, Communication and Energy Networks.


Chakra Tune-Up – Cleansing, Empowering and Unifying the Chakras, Expanding the Heart Centre, Aligning with the Soul.

Emotional Clarity (1) – Addressing Painful Emotions such as Grief, Shame etc, and Transmuting these to the Joyful Emotions that Fuel your Creativity. Note: there are many emotions in the human spectrum: the Emotional Clarity programmes work through different emotions at different times.

Emotional Clarity (2) – As we work with the energy of Emotion, we come to appreciate ever-more deeply the tremendous power contained within it. We may feel lonely, but as we make friends with that state of being, we come into deeper communion with our Oneness, our Unity with all life. And so it shifts… As we let go of judging ourselves, our wisdom ripens. And so on. This programme addresses Loneliness, Shame, Emptiness, Frustration, Confusion, Despair and Dread, renewing your enthusiasm and passion for life.

Divine Wealth – This was phenomenally life-shifting when we ran it in July: it will be back again next year! Money is Divine Energy: this module Clears Erroneous Beliefs, the Pollution in our Collective Money Channels, and Recalibrates and Empowers the Beliefs lodged in your DNA and the Live Energies within your Personal Bank Accounts.