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Emotional Clarity (2)

Emotional Clarity (2)

We can’t avoid the experience of negative emotion, it’s part of the human journey. But we can learn to meet our emotions consciously, absorb their teaching, heal their negative aspects and reclaim our power of choice. And we can accept help from the realms of Light in cleansing the deep, unconscious imprints we have held for a lifetime or lifetimes. We can absorb the lessons that so much of our emotional experience has to teach us and transcend the powerful grip that its painful aspects often exert over us.

Each 7-Day Emotional Clarity programme addresses some of our most common emotions, bringing Metatronic energy to dissolve the blockages around it and release its innate fuel and powers of creativity.

Emotional Clarity (2) works to transmute:

tibetan bowl

  • Loneliness > All-One/Ness
  • Shame > Understanding
  • Emptiness > Openness
  • Frustration > Patience
  • Confusion > Clarity
  • Despair > Hope
  • Dread > Excitement

Pippa works in communion with Metatron for approximately 90 minutes each day, first working deeply in the Metatronic Field and following this with an energy-charged email “Reporting Live from the 11th Dimension” which reinforces the Session just completed and prepares you for the following day’s work. Emotion is a powerful source of life-force which can seriously lower our energy, damage our health and drive those around us right up the wall – or it can fuel our greatest intentions and dreams.

“I know the energy which has POURED through you, and I pray for your strength in such an ambitious metaphysical undertaking. I feel I didn’t have the strength to do this myself so I thank you so very much. Yesterday I had an absolute BURST of energy, so I went into the dining room, and quickly, and with ease truly gave it a head to toe scrubbing, moving out all things which I didn’t find useful, totally rearranging the furniture in a way which never occurred to me before, having a centerpiece- dusting pictures and oiling all the furniture. There was no drag and my husband said this looks so BEAUTIFUL.” Lesli G

“Healing & Prayer Events offer the most powerful healing I have experienced apart from ‘Opening the Pathways‘ last year. So many things happened since we started and I even feel that it started actually few weeks earlier even before I heard about the programme … Nearly each day before the session I experience some situation, conversation, etc which relates to the topic for the day. … The day when you mentioned a butterfly and cocoon in your report, I actually had exactly this thought in my mind few hours earlier. I thought about myself as I am coming out of the cocoon. All I do right now is so much synchronized with the healing work of Metatron that I cannot even grasp it. Blessings.” Monika R