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Emotional Clarity – July

Emotional Clarity 2 & 3

Clare new image Each 7-Day Emotional Clarity programme addresses some of our most common emotions, bringing Metatronic energy to dissolve the blockages around it and release its innate fuel and powers of creativity.

Emotional Clarity 2 works to transmute:

  • Loneliness > All-One-Ness
  • Shame > Understanding
  • Emptiness > Openness
  • Frustration > Patience
  • Confusion > Clarity
  • Despair > Hope
  • Dread > Excitement

Emotional Clarity 3 works to transmute:

Pippa works in communion with Metatron for approximately 90 minutes each day, first working deeply in the Metatronic Field and following this with an energy-charged email “Reporting Live from the 11th Dimension” which reinforces the Session just completed and prepares you for the following day’s work. Emotion is a powerful source of life-force which can seriously lower our energy, damage our health and drive those around us right up the wall – or it can fuel our greatest intentions and dreams.

“Awesome … this work is unparalleled. 12 hours straight yesterday of vibrating beyond my comprehension! This morning … peace. Thank you for sharing Metatrons powerful message! And thank you for the genius from which you write of each experience.” Maureen Moss.

“I want to thank you heartily for your support and witnessing and recording.  It has been like being an actor in a three act play every evening with a talented wise and loving director complete with scene changes, lightning, and extra actors appearing on call; with you as a reporter (not in the position of the usual critic). One needs a report that focuses on the whole experience, as an actor only knows his/her part…. Humbled, awed and loved.” Barbara D