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Emotional Clarity (1)

                                  Emotional Clarity (1)

We cannot avoid the experience of negative emotion, it’s part of the human journey. But we can learn to meet our emotions consciously, absorb their teaching, heal their negative aspects and reclaim our power of choice. And we can accept help from the realms of Light in cleansing the deep, unconscious imprints we have held for a lifetime or lifetimes. We can absorb the lessons that so much of our emotional experience has to teach us and transcend the powerful grip that its painful aspects often exert over us.

Each 7-Day Emotional Clarity programme addresses a different set of emotions, bringing Metatronic energy to dissolve the blockages around them and release their innate fuel and powers of creativity.

Emotional Clarity (1) transforms:

Regrowth low-res


Depression to Anticipation,

Guilt to Forgiveness,

Doubt to Faith,

Irritation to Peace,

Regret to Wisdom,

Fear/Panic to Calmness,

Hatred/Anger to Love

Pippa works in communion with Metatron for 75-90 minutes each day, first working deeply in the Metatronic Field and following this with an email “Reporting Live from the 11th Dimension” which reinforces the Session just completed and prepares you for the following day’s work. Emotion is a powerful source of life-force which can seriously lower our energy, damage our health and drive those around us right up the wall – or it can fuel our greatest intentions and dreams.

“What a marvellous thing this is. I love the pace, every day is such a treat, and there is no time for self indulgence. The energetic impact, as soon as it starts, goes through me like the Big Bang. Rather than leaving me aching and bewildered as sometimes deep healing has done, it shows me a renewed self and awesome possibilities ahead. The old wounds and beliefs vaporised away.” Francesca M


“It is a true gift that you have offered to each of us during these transformative times. You have a wonderful way of sharing this gift and I am so very grateful. I feel like the new baby being held in the arms of the divine as’ I go through a new birthing process. Complete surrender. I feel honored to have been guided to your work and to your beautiful mastery in motion.” June C


“On Valentine’s Day I wasn’t able to just sit and be during the 33 minute time period as I had family gathering to attend to. I was standing over my griddle making pancakes during the healing time and suddenly as if I had to vomit, I had this purging of emotion that caused me to just suddenly break down in tears. My husband looked at me, grabbed me and asked what was happening. I looked at the clock and gulped and sobbed out “Metatron is happening!” He held me and I just cried until I could cry no more and then continued with making pancakes. Lol!! …  I always, always feel held through it. It reminds me of that poem of footprints in the sand. There is only ever one set of footprints because I am always being held by Metatron. 💜💜💜 This programme is bringing on so much healing, more than I could ever have imagined. … We are all ‘meeting a divine appointment’ as we do this together. We are serving all humanity as we commit to our own healing rippling out.  I am so very, very, very grateful to you Pippa, for being a bridge/channel for Metatron’s healing vibrations, for holding this incredibly beautiful light filled space for our healing. Not sure how outdated this expression is but ” You rock girlfriend!!!!!!! ” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m so eternally grateful.” Teresa M