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Our Relationships are in a transitional state, as we move from 3D to 5D consciousness – or from centuries of the structural unions we have forged in our societies based on survival needs into higher-matrix connections directed by our souls to support our mutual growth and the flowering of our Spirit. This is easy to talk about, think about, read about, and it can feel hard to reach, but with the Grace and the Energy Frequencies of Metatron working at a cellular level, shift happens. Fast, and deep.

Relationshift addresses Love, the lack of it, the confusion around it, and the beauty of its healthy flow in your life, whether the context is intimate, family, friendship, work or the wider world of your daily interactions in the Universal Field whose real nature is love, compassion and oneness. It is a powerful support to anyone already in relationship but our primary relationship is with ourselves: this module brings healing deep into the core of our own hearts and souls.

Pippa works in communion with Metatron for 75-90 minutes each day, placing your prayers & intentions around your challenges, hopes and ambitions for any “Relationshift” in your life into a potent Field of Metatronic energy as she works silently in the Metatronic Field, and writes an energy-charged email “Reporting Live from the 11th Dimension” to reinforce the Session just completed and prepare you for the following day’s work.

This 7-Day modulelily works widely and deeply, but also brings special focus to:

Want Love, Be Love: Easy to say, not so easy to do, when the core energy of our home Planet is fear and separation. Pippa works with Metatron to shift your cellular settings, expanding their space, and light, and flow, bringing you back in touch with the Love and the deep cosmic connection at the heart of yourself.

Survival, Sex and Money: These issues are core to life on the Planet, so they permeate every relationship to some degree. When these issues become stagnant or stuck, they create contraction and conflict; in healthy flow, they are energies of joy.

Relationship Mirrors: As you see yourself in the mirror of those you connect most closely with, Metatron clears the hidden judgments that you hold about yourself, replacing these with the imprints of Appreciation and Gratitude.

Victim & Dependency Imprints: When we perceive ourselves from the level of our bodies and minds, we see and feel the energies of separation – from Source, from one another, from ourselves. Our sense of disconnection disempowers us, convincing us of our need to right perceived wrongs and to find life force and sustenance from the limited resources of other people rather than the infinite resources of the Divine Source.

Male/Female Inner Balance: With the gender wars of millennia sitting in our cells, here is another core source of separation and division. Our feminine and masculine energies sit deep within each of us, waiting only to be uncovered, rediscovered, honoured and embraced. The force of each alone is already great: in harmony and co-creation, they are awesome.

Self-Worth & Personal Truth: A Relationshift into 5D will address the deepest and most concealed corners of your self-sabotage, those places where you have forgotten your sacred value and suppressed the personal truth that defines you. As you recover your Truth, the power of your Voice is released.

Control, Power & the Heart: The ego thrives on separation – or it thinks it does. When the separation gets scary, it dives straight into control, which leads to more separation. The heart moves in the opposite direction: holistic and intuitive and wise, it thrives on Oneness and the creative energies of Love.