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A Short Course in Forgiveness

A Short Course in Forgiveness

11th-13th-15th September, 5pm UK, Noon EST, 9am PST

£49 ($64 approx)

rose-pink mandala3-Day Intensive Class: Teaching, Energy Clearance and Fresh Imprints.
Forgiveness for Yourself: Dissolving the Imprints of Guilt, Remorse, Regret.
Forgiveness for Others: Dissolving Emotions of Anger, Resentment, Jealousy.
Forgiveness of God: Making Peace with your Life Script.
Clearing the Ancestral Lineage.
Live 1-hr Daily Webinars. All sessions available immediately following and as MP3 Recordings.
After each Immersion Pippa remains in the Field for 30 minutes: at the end of each session you will receive her daily Report.

When we are stuck in unforgiveness, we release the same chemicals into our physical systems as we do when we face tough physical challenges: fuelling ourselves with the chemicals that flood us in the stress response, we burn ourselves up and run ourselves down. Forgiveness is vital, for all kinds of reasons from the spiritual right down to our cellular health, yet to find genuine forgiveness remains strangely difficult for our human wiring. Forgiveness is a gift of Grace which comes in response to our intention to set ourselves and others free: to receive the frequencies of Metatron brings wonderful quickening and deepening to this vital task.

Why would we do this to ourselves? And how do we let go of agendas so deep, and so unconscious, that so often we lose the precious time we have in emotional discomfort and drainage?

Forgiveness does not come through an effort of personal will, but through will-ingness. As we set the intention to open our hearts to this crucial state of being, Spirit exponentially expands and empowers the force of our intention. This Short Course in Forgiveness is an opportunity to sit in the high frequencies of Love, guided by Pippa and overseen by Metatron, while you receive powerfully liberating Teaching, Energies, Exercises and Meditations. Part-Course (3 x 2-hour Classes) and part Online Retreat, it will radically transform your gut responses to old wounds and ‘offenders’ – most often, this begins with ourselves, so:

  • Session One: Forgiveness of Self – an opportunity to dig deep into your cellular memory to find where you hold emotions of guilt, remorse, regret, shame or any other rod with which you beat yourself. Once spotted, Metatron’s frequencies dissolve the imprints and make way for reconciliation with yourself.
  • Session Two: Forgiveness of others – and here, you may find your attention focused on those who are still very much in your physical life, and perhaps also on those who have died. Either way, we shall focus on dissolving the cords of anger, resentment, fear and other emotions that have imprisoned you, setting you free as it releases those you know or have known. Inter-dimensional healing is a wonderful gift to the giver as well as the receiver.
  • Session Three: Forgiveness of God. Our culture is so deeply imprinted with the concepts of separation, with the idea of patriarchy, punishment and of an all-powerful force that exists outside us rather than within us, that we unwittingly blame ‘God’ or existence for the painful events we have lived or the circumstances we have found ourselves unable to change within our lives.

Metatron’s frequencies and tools illumine, soften, release, transform. At a time when all of our race is being challenged to find the genuine, deep-acting forgiveness that will allow us to heal ourselves and the planet, we can all play a powerful part. Resentment will make way for Gratitude. Grief will make way for Compassion. Anger will make way for Joy. Come and join us!

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