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Divine Healing

Divine Healing

In the challenging, exhilarating Age in which we live, we are reconnecting with much of our nature that has been lost through centuries of separation, and as we rediscover the divinity within our human bodies, all kinds of divisions are being healed around us and inside us: the Masculine and the Feminine forces that all of us hold within us; the invisible worlds of our Souls and Spirits and the visible worlds of our Bodies and the Material Universe.

One of the major reconnections of our time is between the worlds of Science and Spirituality, which have been divided since the days of Descartes and the Enlightenment. Science has been very busy in recent decades researching the miraculous power of prayer to heal Mind, Body and Spirit.

This is what the Divine Healing Clinic offers, in several different ways: Healing & Prayer programmes; ‘Detox’ and other modules; Frequency-Charged Audio recordings; Guided Meditations; and Teleseminars. All of these harness the energies of Divinity to cleanse, fuel, heal and revitalise your cells and souls.

Whether you’re looking for healing of your emotions or spirit, for direction or reconnection, for a sense of purpose behind the surface chaos that we all endure at different times, there is something here for you. Enjoy!