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Frequently Asked Questions

The Divine Healing Clinic brings energies that we generally don’t see with our naked eyes into the lives that we see and experience in the most real and immediate ways. These frequencies are sourced from realms beyond our own: they have been most commonly described through the ages as Angelic. And Angels have been most widely described as Messengers of Light, or Messengers of the Divine.

1) What is Angelic Healing?
2) How Can Audio mp3s make a real difference in my life?
3) How does Distance Healing work?
4) What Will a Healing & Prayer Programme Give Me?
5) How is Energy Healing different from Counselling or Psychotherapy?
6) Are the Divine Healing Clinic Programmes for Teaching or Healing?
7) Can I catch up with a Teleseminar later if I have to miss the live event?