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Animal Healing

Animal Healing

Our Animal Healing events are an opportunity for you to bring your pet into a gentle, powerful healing Pets 7environment that is transmitted into your own living space; to sit with them as they receive the deep-acting frequencies and to benefit from these along with your animal friend. You and Your Dog, and You and Your Cat, are 45-minute sessions in which both you and your pet will receive the high frequencies of Love that are the hallmark of Metatron in all that he offers us.

What Do These Programmes Offer?

If you have a pet or pets that you love, you will have experienced the gifts that animals bring to human life. You will know how intuitive they are; how responsive to the way you’re feeling. You’ll know how “human” they are, in fact, and you will probably sense that just like us, they also have very similar needs. And their response to healing energies is often instantaneous. Even if they’re happy and vibrant already, most animals love the experience of healing energies: in response, they are rapidly restored to states of joy and peace of mind that so many humans seek.

You will have experienced the compassion that animal companions give, their capacity to offer friendship and unconditional love – and often to entertain you. You may sense the teaching they bring: with a pet in the house, a child will effortlessly develop a sense of responsibility and learn early to consider the needs of others, while a weary adult will get her exercise anyway! And you will have felt the reCatwards of physical touch, which is a fundamental need for all of us. It’s even been demonstrated that pet owners over the age of 65 make far fewer visits to the doctor’s surgery than those without them.

A pet lowers your stress, in all kinds of ways. Scientists have shown us that the stress-relieving qualities of owning a cat or a dog can lower your blood pressure (if you’re a cat-lover, you sit and stroke her – how does that make you feel?). This means that your pet is not just a beloved companion, but by lowering your BP and reducing your risk of heart attacks and strokes, he or she supports your health. Playing with either dogs or cats can also raise your levels of serotonin and dopamine, the “happy hormones” that keep you calm.

What about the pets themselves, though? Just like us, they have needs beyond the physical. Most animals are natural healers: they give love and energy without hesitation, but they too can become energy-depleted or even stressed, and of course they sometimes get sick. Dogs are acutely wired into our emotions, and they love it when we respond to theirs. Unlike human beings, animals don’t have the filters of scepticism that are so familiar to us, so they are wonderfully open and receptive to healing energies: they feel the healing effects of high frequencies and benefit from them at once.

You and Your Dog, and You and Your Cat, are live Events: Book now, put the dates into your calendar and give your pet health and happiness for the summer!