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Animal Stories

Animal Stories

Amazing stories, showing the expanded awareness of all kinds of animals, are popping up on our screens daily. Long beColliedogfore the birth of the internet, my brother’s dog had friends come to visit from 60-odd miles away. Unnoticed, his dog jumped into the boot (or trunk) of these friends just as they were packing to drive back home, and the door was shut on her. An hour or two later, when they arrived back at their house and opened the car boot, out leapt Joanne, the dog, and ran back home. The 60-mile trip involved main roads and even a large river, and the dog had never been taken on this journey before. A few hours later, she arrived home – panting but well.

So much for geography, and extra-sensory abilities that far exceed our own, and “other unexplained powers of animals”, but what about animals as healers, or animals who themselves are needing to be healed?

Animal as Healer

9/11: the day before this epic event, I had landed in Los Angeles to give a TV interview on colour healing. I was excited, and had put a number of other things on hold in order to be there. Crack of dawn next morning, as I slept at the house of a friend, came the news. We all have a 9/11 story: part of mine was I found myself stranded and jobless, 6,000 miles from my family and home, all ports closed, with my own fear and distress compounded by the collective buzz of terror. Through the night, as shock kept me away from sleep, my friend’s dog came and nuzzled: after gently carrying her back to her usual sleeping place a couple of times, at the 3rd visit I said ok, you’d better stay. The moment my resistance dropped, this small dog arranged herself right along the length of my body, stretching front and back legs to extend herself to 3 feet or more, and then came the blast: a warm river of healing energy rushing through me from from this loving creature, straight into my every cell. My friend had adopted this dog from a rescue shelter: this ‘treatment’ was far more powerful than any Reiki or other healing I’d ever received. Tears flowed for a while, swiftly followed by sleep.

Animal as healer, what an experience… Horses, too, are great healers. So are dolphins – and research among scientists is revealing more and more ways in which our Pets support our health. But what about the need of animals to receive healing energies through us?

Healing for Your Pet

The Divine Healing Clinic is offering some Distant Healing Group sessions through July: one for You and Your Dog, another for You and Your Cat. Metatronic energies are divinely magical: through each of us, as they move us and quietly transform us, they reach through to shift the energies from fear to love in those whose lives we touch.