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The Christ Matrix: Sacred Marriage

Awakening to Christ Consciousness is the challenge and the immense gift of the Age in which we live. And Metatron is a vast Being emanating directly through the Cosmic Christ from Source; he (she/it – no gender in the angelic realms!) has been described as the Divine Architect, and also as the Science Aspect of The Christ. His presence is ... Read More »

More on Metatron

More on Metatron Unlike most angels and archangels, Metatron’s name does not finish with ‘el’ – but ‘tron’, which means instrument, or device; and the prefix ‘meta’ expands whatever concept it is linked with, as in meta-physics, or meta-morphosis. The divine gifts of Metatron, the tools of Light that he brings, enable us to surpass ourselves. Legends tell us that Metatron led a series ... Read More »

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry Metatron has been perceived by mystics and visionaries through the ages as the fount of sacred geometry forms that form the blueprint for physical life forms. He is seen as the bridge between the worlds of pure spirit and those of matter. If we understand this concept in the language, which sees all energy in the Universe on ... Read More »