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Chakra Tune-Up

A Week of Chakra Healing

We live in a Universal Field of Oneness, and we also are that Oneness, and somehow or other each of us is also, and simultaneously, an individuated squiggle of energy or consciousness, with our own discrete field of energy or auric space. Within that auric space our “I-ness” or “Me-ness” can also be observed and experienced through our chakras, or energy stations, each of which also has its own unique character or flavour.

So just as we have explored a path of apparent separation from Source for a few Ages in order to know ourselves, so too our energy stations have defined themselves, or been seen as separate parts of a working energy system, just enough for each to develop its authentic power as it comes to deeply know itself.

As we begin to remember our essential Oneness, and to feel it at a cellular  level, we can each work towards the unification of our chakras in a healthy, harmonious and integrated flow. We are on the homeward journey now: we are headed back towards the Unity that we never really left in the first place. A core step in finding the path that leads towards that ideal state is found in the cleansing and empowering of the individual energy stations, to fortify and deepen what each can bring to the whole.

In this Week of Chakra Healinchakras etcg, Metatron will work with each of your chakras in turn, and also with your whole energy system, empowering your heart station to expand and embrace all the centres while growing the fluency in the communication between them all. Your physical and subtle bodies will amplify their light as you strengthen their alignment with your soul.

This is a Live Event, with connection by phone or Skype. Each day for 7 days, Pippa will hold you in Metatron’s Field while she escorts you in a guided journey, focusing on one chakra each day and also on the whole system. The Metatronic frequencies will bring tremendous clarity and power to your energy body and you will emerge deeply refreshed and fortified, with a much greater ability to connect with your energy system and support it as it supports you.