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Christ Consciousness

Christ Consciousness

What is Christ consciousness? And how do we set about finding it? This term, which we hear a lot about in this dawning Age of Light, has little or nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the state of our hearts. The great mystic, Rudolf Steiner, foresaw that the early centuries of the Aquarian Age would be the time when humanity would become ‘Christed’: we would return from the troubled state of separation and rediscover our true nature. This state of oneness, harmony and peacefulness is uncovered as we awaken to the rich and powerful intelligence of our hearts.

Christ consciousness begins to activate within us as we become aware of our higher self, which is really christ-consciousnessour true self. Spiritual growth occurs as the spiritual currents which run through us align with those of our human minds. In other words, the divine mind and the human mind have to meet. Once they do meet, an individual can find happiness and fulfilment.

Christ Consciousness is about the uncovering of what in truth has been there all along; it’s about discovering our real nature as divine beings inside human bodies.

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