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                    “Beautiful, Sacred and Loving Experience”

The Divine Healing Clinic audios bring energy healing to you at the press of a button. The Clinic is a powerful new concept in healing, giving you tools you can keep on tap for use any time you’re in a quietDHC-2014-Love-your-Inner-Child place. These downloadable MP3s are encoded with the high frequencies of Metatronic energy and accompanied by gentle, relaxing music, and they bring real results in your body, mind and soul.

“I just have to say that the Metatronic massage and other downloads from your site are the most powerful “meditation” type tapes I have ever experienced. They are astounding, deep-acting and nourishing. I continue to be amazed every time I listen. Thank you! I appreciate the work!”  Grace E, VA

The concept of these encoded audios is quite unfamiliar to most of us – how about a non-physical massage, for instance?! – and yet the delivery of Metatronic frequencies is so effective that you will emerge from these genuinely relaxed, softened and restored – and for many people there is a marked reduction of discomfort or pain. “How can I talk about this? It’s not easy to express! I’ve long been immersed in reality beyond appearance but this knocked my socks off :). And my face looks marvelous (Divine Facial). Thank you!”  Felize G

Do you need to Sleep better, Ground yourself more easily, get an Auric Reboot? Would you like help in healing Grief or your Inner Child, or to connect more deeply with the natural intelligence of your Heart Centre? Whatever you are looking for, you will find all kinds of support here. Browse and enjoy!

“I am making my way through all the audios, and each one so far has been such a beautiful, sacred, and loving experience that I scarcely have words to describe what is happening. Thank you for your amazing way of connecting us with Archangel Metatron and his Angels, and for all the grace that you are bringing into the world together. It feels like coming ‘home’. With deep love and appreciation.” Sylvia J.

N.B. Please wear headphones for optimum effectiveness. Remember that nothing we offer replaces any medicine you may be taking or need. And please don’t drive, or operate machinery, while listening.