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Divine Wealth detail

Divine Wealth: Programme Details

In the 7 segments, we address:

heaven lightScarcity Beliefs: Mind-Generated Beliefs inherited, learned, and/or absorbed from your environment. Metatronic frequencies will bring their potent cleansing to the many areas where our collective financial energies are limited by belief: DNA, auric, societal, historic. When we clear out that which no longer serves us, fresh space is created: you will feel the gentle softening and expansion as old beliefs are replaced by timeless Spiritual Energy and Truth.

Emotions: Scarcity beliefs give rise to highly charged, painful emotions, and emotions have powerful, almost palpable charge, so they lead in turn to repeating cycles of lack. As emotions are cleared, space is created for the high frequencies that Metatron offers. Taking energies such as Clear Quartz, and amplifying them to potentize their charge, Metatron transmits these to your cellular consciousness for Positive Emotions around Wealth. Together, the ‘inner’ bank account of your beliefs and emotions and the ‘outer’ bank accounts that you hold in the outside comprise your wealth vessels.

Input/Output Channels: At present, the Money on our Planet carries ‘foreign bodies’ such as the energies of anxiety, scarcity, greed and untruth. These energies build up an energetic residue within your personal ‘input channels’ such as your salary, your investments or even the small change you may receive in your daily shopping. Like silted canals or arteries, these channels need a good cleanse. Your Vessels for Receiving will be purified for Proper Function, restoring the flow through your body and environment, while we also employ Metatron’s tools for clearing and expanding your ‘outer bank account’ to receive and hold greater amounts of energy than they have comfortably handled in the past. This deep cleansing will extend to your output channels, or the vessels through which you pass on the energy of Money to those around you.

Growing Your Vessel: Coming at the halfway point of this 7-Day Event, this will be a dynamic session focusing almost entirely on the frequencies offered. Every session in the Seminar will grow you to hold greater abundance, but in their essence, Love and Money are the same energy, so this halfway session will be rich with the vital energies of love, as Metatron softens your cells and swells your energy body with the frequencies of Rhodocrozite, a deep-acting heart stone which the Incas associated with royalty, penetrating the still-hidden places of ‘not good enough’ and ‘unworthy’, and replacing them with Love.

Relationship: We live in a shared universe, where our abundance and success depends much less on affirmations and broadcasting our desires and much more on the quality and activity in our relationships. As we focus on increasing the energy flow in your relationships at home, in friendship and at work, and feel the rhythm within the dance of your giving and receiving, your attention will turn quite naturally to the network of relationship through which you have received and created the things of value in your life. With the support of Metatron’s frequencies, your sense of gratitude and appreciation will light up your energy field, attracting ever-more resources from the generous Universe around you.

Expansion and Soul Purpose: Spiritual Law tells us that what we give with an open heart will return to us tenfold. This session will gently address the places in you where some of your deepest wounds have remained through the years, causing densification. Harnessing some of Metatron’s most softening frequencies, we will work to release those wounds that have caused you to shut down, contracting your heart and unwittingly keeping away what you most desire or need. As your heart awakens a little more, you will feel the creative power of your co-creation, and the courage to step out and activate your Soul Purpose in a world that feels welcoming and safe.

Global Oneness: In this final session, the energies of the previous six sessions will come together in a power package as you begin to feel your capacity to stand in your light, speak your truth, fulfil your purpose and receive the abundance and support of the Universe in doing so. From this place of certainty and strength, you will truly feel the desire to empower others and partake in the task of our time: to “heal the world”, as Michael Jackson and so many other artists have passionately implored us to do. You will be invited to let the Metatronic frequencies flow from your fresh, Divine Wealth imprints into the wider world, for as money is healed worldwide, health and wealth are restored to our Planet and all who live here. This is a peaceful and powerful conclusion to a week of radical Recalibration.