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Easter, Divine Love & Chocolate

Easter, Divine Love & Chocolate

With Easter weekend a little over a week away, it was strange to see a TV announcement the other day telling us that the global chocolate company, Cadbury’s, just decided to remove the word ‘Easter’ from their chocolate eggs – effective immediately. The founder ofthat famous company was a devout Quaker, very much aware of the mystery beneath the surface of our lives. And chocolate – or Cacao – in homoeopathic form or in Shamanic ritual – is a powerful remedy for those who are seeking the love and reconnection, both human and divine, that makes sense of the difficulties that so many experience on Earth.

Chaos and disturbance are everywhere; it’s more important than ever to keep our attention focused on the energies of Divine Love that are working to heal and return all life on Earth to the light. I know that in the intensity of this rare window of time, I feel a deeper sense of mystery, awe and gratitude each time that Easter comes around. And eggs have everything to do with Easter.

The seed of Love was planted firmly in our soil two thousand years ago as the energy of the Cosmic Christ was given to us by the great Master Jesus the Christ, in a vast transmission which dissolved the boundaries of time and space and shifted the whole universe. This seed has germinated firmly and quietly through time to remind us that separation was never real. We are One; all of life is united in the sacred heart of the Cosmic Christ which is the matrix of Love, Wisdom and Divine Power that creates, informs and sustains the world.

Every one of us has a crucial, ongoing part to play in the unfolding of that life, and Easter, the start of the season when birds sing and leaves unfold, marks the quintessential rebirth: its energy can work softly through every one of us who invokes it. In the northern hemisphere it’s extra easy, as the sun lights up our days and young life springs up everywhere, and through this season of rebirth, we are constantly reminded of the miracles of creation. Wherever we live and whatever our faith, the deeper meaning of Easter is our universal resurrection: the resurrection of joy, of peace, of faith. The resurrection of love and grace. The resurrection of light in the depth of our cells. Each time that any of us resurrects a little more, transcending fear and contraction to remember the divinity that defines who we really are, union and communion spread into the field and thus the life around us.

The energies of Love are active, not passive, and at this crucial turning point in the history of our race, we are each invited to be active in their proliferation. Every one of us is a Master in training and the deepest purpose and goal in the work of Metatronic Healing is to lead and empower us to activate that state of being within.

Enjoy your eggs; enjoy your chocolate, or your Sacred Cacao; enjoy some time of peace and restoration. Enjoy the golden light of this beautiful spring: with every day unfolding, we are moving a little closer to the Golden Age. Its birthing happens through each of us – and and as love more deeply dissolves the fears of the ages it is truly not too far away. All of us at Metatronic Healing and the Divine Healing Clinic (simply different arms of the same work) wish you a joyful, peaceful Easter!