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Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing is Vital

Personal wellness and wellbeing; family harmony; friendship and intimate relationship; planetary health and peace: it is quite impossible to over-estimate the crucial importance of emotional healing, awareness and intelligence. Besides the obvious solidity of the physical body, the emotional body is the densest place within our energetic field and our subtle wiring. It has force, substance and tremendous power.

One great visionary remarked that anxiety is “faith that it won’t work out”. We know how this feels in our nearly-physical state of being: anxiety, grief, anger, jealousy, shame, hatred and all the other burdens that arise from the wounds of our childhood are heavy weights to carry around with us – they give substance to our fears and help these to manifest in our lives. But we should also recognize the tremendous creative power that exists within these emotions. Getting friendly with them is probably the best investment of time that we ever make! As these purify and clear, we can acknowledge the tremendous power of creation that is carried in the emotions of peacefulness, of awe, fascination, passion, humour, delight and joy. Metatron helps us to work with all of these – and all of this gives added richness, texture and depth to daily living.

Some of the messages below relate to the Divine Healing Clinic mp3s, some to Teleseminar recordings, some to Healing & Prayer events. All of these tools have been stepped down to us from Divine sources.


A Sense of Peace I’d Almost Forgotten Existed

“Oh my dear God, this has been beyond amazing.  I’ve still got the tears around my eyes, the good kind.  What I experienced in the work this afternoon was life changing,  I mean in the span of that half hour process you did change my life once again.  I barely got ten seconds into receiving the transmission and then physically I felt this enormous gentle incredible amazing unbelievable powerful ripple of energy in my heart center, softening the pain I’ve carried for so long, loosening it.  The energy was so strong, yet so gentle… so… peaceful!  I had been in a very turbulent place lately and this just shifted it so deeply – it was like it let out what had been trapped inside and I felt a sense of peace I’d almost forgotten existed.  I opened my eyes and through a filter of tears saw people beginning to move around but couldn’t move or even speak, it was so powerful, potent, incredible, stunning.  I am bowled over in gratitude and appreciation of Archangel Metatron’s tender love, power, grace, and gifts to all of us… and for sending us you :~)

Irene J, Virginia


Tight Knot in my Diaphragm Wrapped in Comfort and Light

“I had been cold all day last Monday but as soon as we began work a great warmth sprung from inside me. The purifying/digesting side with the loosening of the tight knot in my diaphragm all wrapped in the comfort and light of its golden warmth. Now I am able to re-call that warmth at anytime and not feeling so cold deep inside me. A lot of emotions and memories have been coming up and showing themselves. Not nice things mostly but the process and the way I now look at them is so profoundly transforming. But now I have a great book in front of me, I have opened the book and started turning the pages. Every page is full of images, colours, words, sounds and smells all depicting bits of my story, they are all shifting and changing. You see, now I turn the pages and look because I want to and when I want to, and I can linger or move fast to the next page or close the book and go to create a new page instead. And from this perspective, and with the consciousness of my own self in this moment (the moment I am living which is not in linear time but all-at-one-time), I can actively and willingly beginning to change the images. Of course there are lots of hills and valleys, dips and high raises but that’s the beauty of it. And now Metatron is always there, every time I look up he is there, with a big smile and a twinkle in his eyes looking at me, knowing it all. He laughs at me and with me and makes me laugh.”

Francesca M, Switzerland


Judgment to Loving Discernment; Sadness to Sensitivity; ‘What’s this Worth?’ to ‘Priceless’…

“Transformations in process following transmission: Judgment to Loving Discernment; Anger to Push; Sadness to Sensitivity; Impatience to Inventiveness; ‘How Much’ to ‘How Well’; ‘Oh Well’ to ‘How Can I’; ‘What’s This Worth’ to ‘Priceless’; Humor Unleashed.” 

Wayne C, Baltimore


“The energy was simply amazing, so gentle yet results so quick and beneficial. The warmth was so beautiful as I experienced the energies, never felt so loved, so safe and so warm in my body like this. Later on, in an interaction with my husband and then with my daughter, I felt irritability surface from deep within. Just went with it, took a very warm bath in lavender oil and Himalayan salts to purify along with a cup of ginger detox tea, then listened to the Peace Transmission and fell deep, deep within. Returned back to my surroundings and felt much lighter and free. Retired to bed early and slept very comfortably. My right arm released once again almost to near completion. I am feeling different and I am welcoming this gift of freedom. The universe has gifted me with these next 5 days of freedom, no work scheduled and no commitments so I am grateful. The warmth has remained with me and I am feeling Metatron’s presence even more than before. I am warm in my body and everyone around is stating how cold they are since we are being challenged with 20 degree damp weather these days. What a message for me, the gift of warmth that I usually only feel when taking in the sun’s 80 degree temperatures when on the beach. A definite shift of energy, thank you for this work!”

Joyce W, NY, USA


“OMG – what was that transmission!! – it felt like all energy was being pulled back into each Chakra from all parts of my body – a calling back of all parts which were out of alignment and were no longer needed – brought together to the energy centres ready to be washed/lifted/dissipated cleared at last! Then wooshed down and out through the earth. I felt every single minute of it and it was incredible. Then followed a most active night of lucid dreaming where I wasn’t able to hold onto to anything – and didn’t need to  – it all just kept coming up and out. And now today – I’m at work ! 🙂  well only till 2.30, with all this shifting energy still doing it’s stuff – lol  – home to sleep later I think. Wow – such exciting times. And as ever – thank you for bring this energy through to us all – what a gift! – and thank you to Metatron – what an awesome being.”

Pauline D, Wiltshire


“Tues. night I released tons of deep ancient grief, loneliness, shame.  Wed: anger, violence, hatred.  Today, Thurs. I was up at 4:30am (!) and in such a state of gratitude and bliss it is almost overwhelming.  Thank you so very, very much. Streams of Joy to you.”

Mary R, USA