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Emotional Rebirthing

Harness the Creative Power of your Emotions

The Emotional Rebirthing live seminar went very deep, as it cleared the pain and silt of ancient and stored-up emotions to release their essential and creative force. This Tele-Workshop proved so potent and so popular that it has been reworked as a pre-recorded product of studio quality, divided into 6 easy segments so that the Transmissions are easily accessible for immediate use. The 6 segments include:

1) An exploration of emotional energy,

2) A Transmission of the Water element,

3) Exploring the ‘Year of the Horse’ and its emotional implications,

4) A Clear Quartz Transmission

5) A revisit and ‘bringing it all together’ before receiving in the final segment:

6) A Lotus Transmission.

“That was absolutely the most brillEmotional-rebirth-2014-Biant teaching/transmission I have EVER had with anyone. I knew I needed some “sorting out” however all of it was beyond description and I know my prayers were answered, after a very, very, difficult week. You are a brilliant Light. I am humbled, honored, grateful, relieved, and feel the pure water of this transmission running through my entire body. Relief, gratitude, love, peace……..” 

Maureen Moss, CEO, The New World Puja Network.

“What an amazing transmission that was – I felt the Water go into all my hidden corners and gently tease out and wash away so much ‘stuff’. And then this week, the Quartz: it felt like all energy was being pulled back into each Chakra from all parts of my body – a calling back of all parts which were out of alignment and were no longer needed – brought together to the energy centres ready to be washed/lifted/dissipated cleared at last! Then it whooshed down and out through the earth. I felt every single minute of it and it was incredible. There followed a most active night of lucid dreaming where I wasn’t able to hold onto to anything – and didn’t need to  – it all just kept coming up and out. My back is revealing some interesting insights and this transmission really softened the pain held there and since then the rapid recovery has been very welcome – Chiropractor is really amazed at the progress I have made – fabulous :))

Pauline D

“WOW. The energy felt like a great pressure on my chest, intense as it moved into my back and up into the throat area.  As you mentioned each emotion, some became more evident and I just looked at them in front of me, some squeezed and elongated, others flattened and squashed me, but I just observed and let them flow.  I felt I was held so strongly, and firmly.  At times the intensity was so strong/painful but I knew just to hold on in there and let the energy do its work. What a session. Thank you.”

Katherine M