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“I Have Rarely Gone so Deep”

“How powerful I found last week’s sessions.  I have rarely gone so deep.  For some reason I actually came around ‘scared’ losing sense of where I was! However I swiftly settled and felt calm and have kept a hugely serene feel since and a loving energy in my heart. On both days Metatron also gave me huge clarity over something I have been stressing over for a long time. I had a reading yesterday and the lady said she had rarely felt such an angelic presence – I am sure it is Metatron still around.  She picked up that ‘stuff’ it would take years for most to clear I have cleared in so little time, so again I am sure it has been a lot to do with the healings through yourself and Metatron the past year, as well as being attuned to the foundation course.”
Tasha W, UKViscera-Piscis--2

 “Absolutely love….”

Absolutely love, love, love this session. Thank you so very much! With love,
Joyce ♡ (NY)Viscera-Piscis--2

“Extraordinary, Utterly Life-Changing”

“The work is taking me so deep I am going to a place where there really are not words… or where the words are so inadequate they are better left unsaid rather than be misleading. I was transported yet aware of the transmissions and of where they are working.  This series has been extraordinary, utterly life-changing.  Thank you so very much.”