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Empowerment Tune-Up: Programme

Empowerment Tune-Up: Programme Details

The Teleseminar is spread over two days, an hour each day. A few days before we begin, you will be offered the opportunity to share your individual issues and challenges around the question of Power, and lilyto express the areas in which you most actively seek healing for these. You will also be invited to examine your deepest-set karmic patterns, to see how these have affected the course of your life. These exercises will open the way for you to notice the subtle and hidden way in which our Intention, which so often is unacknowledged and unexpressed, influences the experience that shows up as our lives.

The Teleseminar will work in several different stages:

  • The elements are wonderful energies to work with, to cleanse and revitalise, and when these are amplified by Metatron they are awesome. We begin with an activation of the Water element within your physical and subtle bodies, to soften deep-set karmic patterns and prepare these for release.
  • Sharing your own experiences of the repeating Karma you are ready to heal, we will examine the cellular settings you’ve carried which have caused you to say “Yes” when you meant “No”, or to say “No” when your deepest longing has been to say “Yes please!” These patterns come from the wounding that everyone holds at deep unconscious levels, and which we have passed on to those we care for.
  • Engaging with the energy of Fire, those ancient karmic patterns will be purified and transformed.
  • Boundaries: for clarity about what you agree to, healthy and strong boundaries are essential. Harnessing the energy of Wood – which offers structure and protection but also yielding and alive – your energetic boundaries will be reinforced and clarified.
  • Heart: our deepest and most powerful “Yes!” comes from a heart centre that is active and open. In this final part of the Teleseminar, you will feel a great expansion and warmth as the energies of pure Love are delivered into your heart, giving you the clarity to stay in your power and integrity and the courage to step forward where fear has previously held you back.

The sessions will be recorded and available for later listening.