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Empowerment Tune-Up

Clear your Karma, Step into your Power

(2016 Event finished; it will be offered again in 2017.) Karma runs us unconsciously, from places we’ve failed to spot: it prompts us to re-create the situations that fail to serve us. It keeps us divided from the Divinely-sourced Power that is our natural birthright. High-frequency, Metatronic energies bring Light, Love and Warmth to these places. They soften what has been hardened and set; they dissolve Fear and replace it with Love; they expand what has been contracted. They penetrate our karmic heritage and our DNA, and transform it from the inside.

How clear is your “No?” This is an important question because if your ‘No’ carries no real weight or conviction, your ‘Yes’ has no force. How you respond to the yes-or-no in each moment is the key ingredient in your karmic reality; it is fundamental to the quality of your thought and feeling and behaviour, influencing everything that you experience and create.

There are all kinds of reasons why you may have had difficulty in asserting your power: most of these spring from the conditioning of early childhood, so they form part of the body of wounds that sit beyond the realms of the conscious mind and run you while you’re busy doing something else.

The Empowerment Tune-Up Teleseminar – in two parts of an hour each – is a great opportunity to take a look at the default settings that keep you in power or leave your Tranquil 6drained, and change them. Metatronic frequencies will increase your vitality as they mend your auric fences, support you in clearing inner confusion and doubt about your value and worth, and reinforce the true inner quality that defines you, so you can bring real power to your inspirations, your creations, your relationships and your life. Programme Detailed Info:

With a stimulating combination of Conversation, Exercises and Metatronic frequencies, and accessible by Phone or Skype from wherever you are, we invite you to leave behind old and limiting ways of being and ‘Seize the Day’ as you step into the authentic power which is your deepest and truest Self. Now is the only thing we have for sure: why put your power on hold, while the moments of your life tick by?

Dates for a repeat of the Empowerment Tune-Up will be given later this year.

“I Have Rarely Gone so Deep”

“How powerful I found last week’s sessions.  I have rarely gone so deep.  For some reason I actually came around ‘scared’ losing sense of where I was! However I swiftly settled and felt calm and have kept a hugely serene feel since and a loving energy in my heart. On both days Metatron also gave me huge clarity over something I have been stressing over for a long time. I had a reading yesterday and the lady said she had rarely felt such an angelic presence – I am sure it is Metatron still around.  She picked up that ‘stuff’ it would take years for most to clear I have cleared in so little time, so again I am sure it has been a lot to do with the healings through yourself and Metatron the past year, as well as being attuned to the foundation course.”
Tasha W, UK