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Energy Healing

All energy healing works with the knowledge that the body has the ability to heal itself: the body is the vehicle of our consciousness, with its own great storehouse of divine wisdom, power and love. As our spiritual growth deepens, we become more aware of our latent power and more in touch with the rich inner life that runs us and creates the outer life that we experience.

Spiritual growth forms the basis for happiness and opens the door to leading a fuller, more harmonious life. The age in which we live is fast-paced and technology-driven, everyone rushing to get from A to B without much thought for those people they meet on route. If you want to slow things down, embrace spirituality and find the peace of mind that gives rise to a greater sense of prosperity and fulfilment, you can do so through the energy healing that’s available to you at the Divine Healing Clinic.

Angelic beings have been understood through the centuries as the agents of Divinity, or Source, or God. Artists, poets and musicians have always been tuned to their subtle vibrations but in our time, as the ancient split between science and spirituality can no longer be sustained in the light of the awesome new knowledge emerging, we are coming to know that these agents of Love are available to us all.

This is the work of the Divine Healing Clinic, as each of our audios and teleseminars and healing events harnesses the high frequencies of divine love and makes them available in a form which is wonderfully easy to access. Do you want to learn more about spiritual growth? Do you want to find out more about angelic healing and divine healing? Our Meditations can help to guide you and stimulate your spiritual awakening; our Audio mp3s can aid emotional and physical healing; our Teleseminars teach as well as heal; and Healing and Prayer events help you to reconnect, find a greater sense of purpose, heal or find your spiritual self.

Keen to find out more? Never underestimate the power of your spirit, and your body’s ability to heal itself. Whether you’re looking for discovery or healing; if you’re anxious or stressed or feel in need of physical or emotional healing, then the Divine Healing Clinic can help.