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Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Surf these pages for some of our Newsletters, along with Articles and Features that will deepen and broaden your understanding of Healing and Spiritual Energies in general – and in particular, of Metatron, the Archangelic Source with we work, Metatronic Healing®, the unique system for healing and life transformation that he has given us.

Metatron’s first instruction in birthing this potent modality was to dissolve, or remove, the story from the body energetically, and this was shortly followed by the promise that the heart centre of humanity will be awakened. This is the task we are all involved in, because in the end it is our over-identification with our personal ‘story’ that keeps us in a separation state of mind.

Our egos love to remind us of our unique stories because the ego is the part of our mind that focuses on what is different: more than, less than – and so on. While our stories are the sum of everything that keeps us in separation, awakening the heart is the exhilarating adventure that guides us back towards our true nature, which comes from Oneness. As we step away from the judgments that have kept us in limitation and division, and Christ Consciousness grows within us, we uncover the truth of the Ages, which Christ taught: that heaven and earth are not separate; that the ‘kingdom of God’ is within us not outside us.

If you have thoughts or experiences you wish to share, please write to us – we love hearing from you!