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Healing & Prayer Feedbacks

Profound and Deep

“There are truly no words to express the changes that are occurring as a result of the Healing & Prayer Programme … the shift has been and continues to be profound and deep. As you suggested at one point, I’m re-reading your e-mail messages from each session. And it truly is experienced again. Deep felt gratitude to you, Metatron and all of the Beings of Light that assisted.”

Roseanna W, USA


Standing Ovation!

“I wonder if I could request a standing ovation for Metatron and company, at our last session…..it certainly has been an amazing and adventurous and incredibly creative and inventive 33 sessions and I thought a standing ovation by all of us participants might be a way of thanking and honouring Metatrons deep love for us all. Peace be with you,”
Barbara D, Queensland


Joy, joy, thank you, thank you!

“In yesterday’s session, I felt the connection with God, and energy flowing throughout my body and into my feet.  Within minutes of lying down to tune in, my next patient arrived 25 minutes early, my husband let him in and I could hear him coughing while he waited, so I was a bit distracted, but still could not move with the energy flow and heat.  I eventually forced myself to get up just before the end to see my new patient. I knew immediately when 33 minutes had passed.  It is extraordinary.

Today was amazing.  I managed to get 10 women who had come for French Circle tea out of the house just in time.  I lay down and immediately was smiling.  I felt so much joy.  Joy, joy, thank you, thank you!  I thought “Ah my mojo is coming back”.  And strength and stamina.  I bathed in joy and visualising the things I wished to have stamina for.  I must have actually been dreaming. Then my next patient arrived! The heat that flowed into my elbow and arms again was incredible. I feel different this evening and much more positive.  At last! There is light!”

Diana M-S, UK


Melting with the Universe

“Even though I have allowed fear to stop me engaging as much as I intended in the sessions, I have nevertheless been experiencing a wonderful gradual awakening over the period you have been doing them! I’ve been deeply awakening to patterns of negativity and energy and seeing how I can really let them go, and experiencing abundance and synchronicites, and am now wondering how much more they might have been, had I been more consciously engaged! But I trust that it’s all flowing in good time, as the blessings I’ve received have been at a gentle level that I have been able to receive easily, and not too big or scary!! Today, I was free and determined to be present, and was amazed to discover how all the impressions I received were absolutley resonating with what you described yesterday, about opening at a cellular level and feeling spacious, and today I most definitely experienced that sense of no borderlines, as if I was, as they say, ‘melting with the universe!’ and enjoying some gifts!”

Madeleine L