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How Can Audio mp3s make a Real Difference in my Life?

Audio mp3s for Healing

Sound has the capacity to heal, to bring the physical and subtle bodies into alignment and restore our strength. We all know intuitively the power of music to soothe or stimulate us, and the feeling we get from a voice that is kind (or one that is not). And we are often aware that words carry not only information but energy: they deliver messages into our cells.

Our audios at the Divine Healing Clinic harness the power of music and the spoken word, and also bring an extra ingredient: for years, we have worked with the potent healing energies of Archagel Metatron, channelling them in numerous ways to heal and transform emotional and spiritual lives, diminish pain and bring deep physical and psychological equilibrium.

These divine frequencies are encoded into each of the Audio mp3 recordings, so that each time you listen you are enabled to receive the high frequencies of Love to dissolve the lower frequencies of fear wherever they have lodged and however they have manifested.