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How Does Distance Healing Work?

Distance Healing

There’s really nothing new about distance healing: whenever we think of a friend far away, wishing them well and feeling love or concern for them, we are literally connecting with that person through the ‘ethers’ or through what Gregg Braden has beautifully described as the Divine Matrix, an active field of compassion that holds us all.

As any quantum physicist will tell you, nothing in the world is truly separate; everything exists on a spectrum of energy. We only perceive a small spectrum of energy with our physical senses, but beyond that small spectrum, the sea of energy in constant, vibrant motion continues – through us and around us. Perhaps our most powerful faculty is Intention: when we hold the intention to bring solace, comfort and even powerful transformation into the life of a person who has requested it, an agreement is set up.

If this is a situation where a healer works with just one individual, we could think of this as a kind of etheric phone line between the two people. If a healer is working with a group, we could think of it as something more like an ethernet connecting everyone who has brought their intention to the field.

The capacity to engage with healing ‘beyond time and space’ is a great gift from the invisible realms to help us navigate through the visible ones. It is powerful, and it brings profound and lasting change into people’s lives.