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How does MH Work?

How does Metatronic Healing Work?

There’s no simple answer to “How does it Work?” and the understanding may be more deeply grasped through the body than the mind, as the magical benefits of Metatron’s frequencies move through each person’s system through time. Here are a few thoughts; you will find more through the pages of the site – and even more as you experience the energies and techniques for yourself.

Deepening your Connection with Your-Self

The frequencies that you receive on a Course, through the process of Attunements and Transmissions, connect you with Metatron’s divine source, where life force and the love-power-wisdom that this contains is on a higher voltage, so to say, than what we experience as the norm in our regular lives; but this also means that it connects you with a higher and deeper aspect of your own consciousness. In the most real sense, they re-forge your personal connections both with heaven and with earth.

The Metatronic Courses are certainly a place of training for therapists, but they are also opportunities for anyone on a spiritual path to find guidance and clarity as they experience healing and life change for themselves. Metatron will deepen your understanding of the core issues you have chosen as the learning tools of your life path, the karma that set these up, and your spiritual purpose on Earth.

The courses offer dynamic support and encouragement as you increase your awareness and your divinely-sourced power, so our students and clients report that not only are their deepest life lessons so deeply revealed and healed, but that the transformation that follows in the wake of Metatronic energies is alchemical: it reaches deep into the cells and the benefits are abiding and permanent. Those who seek a healer rather than a course of education and recalibration will gain a great amount from personal sessions with one of our registered Metatronic Healing Practitioners.

Metatron’s Divine Instruments

The practitioner has a number of energy techniques at her disposal, or his. Some clients like to receive the energies in silence; others prefer to work with visualization, partaking more actively in the process. Metatronic Healing is fluid and inclusive in the way it works: it adapts itself to each client’s needs. As the higher frequencies enter the system, old blocks gradually dissipate. This clearing begins during the session and continues in the days and weeks thereafter, as you move into deeper alignment with your Self. Thus even the energies flowing through the practitioner move into your energy system and continue to work through your body and your psyche long after the session, to bring about rebalancing, strengthening – and a whole new level of freedom. Click here to find your nearest Metatronic Healer. Or explore intensive healing Courses that will bring about the kind of deep-acting life change that allows you to access the permanent gift of the Metatronic energies.