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How is this Different from Counselling or Psychotherapy?

How is this different from Counselling or Psychotherapy?

Healing that draws on divinely-sourced frequencies goes far beyond the power of words. Everything that we offer at the Divine Healing Clinic focuses on the deep-acting power of high-vibration frequencies, harnessing the loving power of Spirit, bringing these potent frequencies to literally dissolve the energetic and psychic blocks which have arisen in response to the wounds that every one of us receives from our earliest days.

“Everybody hurts”: this is simply the human path.

High frequencies dissolve or displace lower frequencies, so just as steam most often dissolves ice, so love dissolves fear. More exactly in this context, it gently touches and dislodges it, shaking it loose from the places in your unconscious wiring from where it has run you – as it runs all of us until we spot it. As the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours that have been born of such fear rise up to your awareness and begin to dissolve in the energies of acceptance, non-judgment and love, you create space for deep and ancient wounds to be healed.

In this work, we tend to avoid focusing on the problem, working instead to dissolve whatever stands in the way of your real self, and re-activating the latent inner power that has often scarcely been glimpsed at in the past, although it has always been there, ready and waiting to reveal itself. This empowers you to live your life to the fullest, healthiest, most loving.