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Love, Money & Miracles

“Fully Out of the Depression and Angst – Hallelujah!”

The Love, Money & Miracles Teleseminar was so popular when we ran it as a live transmission that we presented it again a year later and that re-run – even more potent than the first, with fresh insights and some surprising new Energy Activations – is now available as a recording. Four Teleclasses, each 75 to 90 minutes, cover some of the fundamental issues we all struggle with:

Where is Love?” goes the famous ballad, “does it fall from skies above?” In a sense it does – it’s also around us and within us and we’re like the proverbial fish in the ocean, swimming around asking where’s the water please? Metatron loves to work into the roots of our condition, so we start with infant love and move from there into everyone’s core challenge: loving yourself. As the energies of love permeate your cellular awareness, we move towards the dynamics of family love. And then:
Romantic Love: the essential oneness which draws us so powerfully and bonds us so deeply into romance and intimacy can fade all too easily as ancient wounds surface in the light of the intimate mirrors we hold up for each other in relationship. Metatron guides you back to the divine love at your essence, as he draws on the energies of the sacred coLIVE-LM&M-2014-1-psdcoa plant to catalyse your reconnection: chocolate is known as an anti-depressant and maybe as an aphrodisiac, but it’s also much more…
Where’s the Money?” Manifestation has little to do with sitting on mountain peaks envisioning wealth, and much to do with relationship, with our willingness to live, work and love in the co-creative ways demonstrated by nature. ‘Currency’ is a material expression of the Love and Creativity that flow constantly from source. Does your relationship with money expand you or contract you? Do you respond to it with fear or with love? Metatron clears confusion and lack and brings a rich, deep transmission to stimulate your innate power and creative vision, activating your creativity-abundance centres.
Miracle Consciousness: as Metatron grows your confidence in your own ability and your trust in the Universe, a new template is laid: prepare for miracles small and large to flow towards you as naturally as grass grows on the lawn. Align yourself deeply with Love in all its expressions and the doors gently open to all that you wish to be, do, achieve and experience.

Metatron brings the insights and understanding to address your mind and heart, with the energies and the tools to penetrate the hidden places that your best intentions don’t reach and initiate the kind of inner change that lasts because it’s real.


A few Feedbacks from the 2013 Event:

“I awoke Wed. am relieved and fully out of ‘the depression’ and angst… Hallelujah!! So, here I am, post class… and back in life….”

Donna K, USA

“This is the first time I have used a Teleseminar to get things done, instead of the usual wishing, hoping and intending. I just feel like a new person.”

Irene H, USA

“My heart is WIDE OPEN! And it feels good. I’m very grateful for that. I look forward to our next class! THANK YOU, Pippa!”

Jessica C, USA

“I’m finding beliefs and ideas that I can actually now see as hilarious!! I wish I could convey the power of this work more articulately but I say again, thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful opportunity to grow.”

Anne D, Scotland.

“I struggled to stay conscious through the whole transmission as my body took in more and more energy – I became hotter and hotter and felt electrical pulses all over my body, to the point where I was quite glad it ended when it did :)) Then took myself to bed immediately – or rather staggered.  During the night I had countless dreams and the energy continued to pulse through my body. Thank you for facilitating what has been an amazing event.” 

Pauline D, Wilts