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Making the Unconscious Conscious

Making the Unconscious Conscious

Do you ever have those days when there’s nothing specially wrong, life around you really looks okay, and yet you feel vaguely disturbed: a little sad, maybe; anxious, irritable or drained, without any obvious cause? This is the very common condition that hovers beneath the surface of many lives for much of the time. It’s one of the reasons why compassion for ourselves and others is such a useful response to whatever tests us on an average day. But this is easily said and not so easily found, because compassion is so often buried beneath a mound of debris that we know very little about.

The mound is the unconscious, and as long as it remains unconscious then, as Carl Jung said, “it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

What can we do about it? How can we make the unconscious conscious and start loving ourselves – really loving ourselves? And why is it becoming so urgent that we do so?

For centuries, we’ve attempted to answer these questions. There are ‘talking therapies’, of course, that emerged a century or two ago as our need to awaken grew widespread. These can open doors, they can point the way, but then tend to be rather slow.

A swifter, more ancient and eternal tool for probing the psyche and reclaiming our innate power is meditation: through meditative techniques we can bypass the obstacles posed by our busy minds and access the unconscious realms. This has been the way of countless Masters since time began, and it has prepared the ground for what what can truly be seen as:

A Third Way: in this growing Age of Light, we are being gifted with extraordinary tools. Metatronic Healing® is one of these. This does not replace meditation; it deepens and enriches it; it speeds and empowers the Shift.

Modern life moves fast. Few of us are called these days to spend our days in silent orders or monastic caves, but something profound is happening in our time: Spirit is stepping down to meet us where we are, right in the context of our super-busy lives. If we say ‘yes’ to the Higher Intelligence that is ready to meet us, we can be fed directly with high frequencies of Light, which swiftly and gently penetrate those mounds of psychic and cellular debris, softening whatever has grown dense, thawing whatever has felt chilly and alone, making us accessible to ourselves.

As we start to see the whole of ourselves, we learn to understand ourselves. As we start to understand ourselves, we see ourselves – literally – in a different Light. Then we stop judging and start loving. For real. If I’m kind to myself I can be kind to you. The walls come down, so the energies of compassion can return to their natural state of health; they can move and flow. Everything light up, as bloodlines are purified and the dormant strands of our DNA come to life.

This is Christ consciousness. If we are open to it, Metatron works to stimulate this state of being directly, by transmitting to us the Energies of Love. Step by step, these frequencies take up residence in our cells as we let go the wounds of our separation and remember who we are, and the unconscious source of our mishaps and difficulties becomes the fertile ground of our wisdom and inspiration.

Why is this awakening task becoming so urgent? In our hearts, we know the answer to this question: the collective unconscious is still directing the way we live on Earth and it’s not going well. But every time one of us steps deeper into the truth of our Light and Love, everything and everyone moves with us. We are each 100% responsible.

We needed to experience Separation: it was part of the divine plan for our full embodiment on Earth, but it has fulfilled its purpose. As long as we are willing  and alert, the back burners of our anxiety will lose their force as the energies of Love slip through the cracks in our defences and fill us up. These energies, which are tangible, palpable and real, will take us by the hand and heart, and lead us Home.