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Mastering the Mundane: the Core Life Skills in Practice

Mastering the Mundane

The Core Life Skills in Practice

11th March – 22nd April 2018. 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins beneath one’s feet.” This is the correct translation of a statement by the ancient Chinese sage, Lao-Tzu. Whenever we think of these words our Earth-roots can deepen. The human “I” knows that the divine “I AM” is really HERE. We can trust that whatever might be happening to spin our psyche out, this place – the Here and the Now – is where we belong.

When we’re spun out, we arrive at a fictional place of “not enough” (Time? Understanding? Life Force? Talent? Money? Love? more…). The word mundane comes not from ‘boring’ but from ‘monde’, which means the world, and Mastering the Mundane is a 7-session, once-a-week online gathering to help you to anchor yourself deeply into your embodiment in this world, to hone your life skills as you shift deeply from the “not enough” settings in all of their many aspects, and to awaken your cells into the reality of plenty.

Another translation of Lao-Tzu’s phrase is better known, slightly inaccurate – and also very useful. As we land our spirit more deeply into the ground ‘beneath our feet’, which has everything to do with being, we can turn our focus towards this other translation: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” We can start to focus on the steps, the actions that we need to take; how to work to change the beliefs that have so long run us from the shadowy place of the unconscious, and trade these for beliefs that support our creativity, faith, joy, love. To Master the Mundane can become a constant support as you engage in practice: your life shifts into an authentically Spirit-led journey as you move through your days in deepening trust and fulfillment. This online Class is a dynamic support in getting you there: it brings the frequencies and tools of Metatron to activate those ‘single steps’ with a clear sense of direction and purpose.

Once you are Enrolled on this Online Class, you may send in your thoughts, questions and concerns. Each week, as we invoke the Metatronic Love-frequencies to cleanse, recalibrate and fuel, we begin with a Question and Answer session, exploring whatever is personal for you – and then move into a series of downloads and energy activations.

Session One: Famine Consciousness: 

Life on the savannah was tough; it was eat or be eaten – fast! The memory of this lies deep in our DNA: none of us is immune. Add to that a few more recent millennia, peppered with wars, floods, drought and all their fallout, and famine consciousness deepens through the ages. Add another layer – century on century of complex suppression as our bodies have grown heavy or tangled with emotional weeds, and the questions of food blend with the reverse-smorgasbord, so to say, of the ‘not enough’ beliefs that have informed us through the millennia.

These inherited and learned beliefs blend with our self-hatred and self-rejection and we forget that the body is the most precious vehicle and friend of our spirit as we pile in the cocktails of emotional and physical toxins that weaken our life force, our spontaneity, self-belief and the many forms of divine grace and beauty that would otherwise fuel us with joy. This multi-levelled matrix lies beneath all the forms of scarcity that assail us: from this first session, Metatron will greet you in joy and abundance, and begin the potent re-setting of your cellular beliefs.

Session Two: Time:

We are timeless beings caught up in an experiment of our own choosing: a journey through the testing but fascinating parameters of time and space. And as the journey seems to speed up with exponential force, there’s so much to learn, to understand, to do – and where did the time go? Our ancestors had to dig the soil, scrub the clothes, bake the bread: these activities truly were ‘mundane’ – yet they also served to keep those ancestors in touch with the rhythms of the body and often of nature. As the momentum of our fast-moving age of information catches us in its waves, it takes us into our heads, the Stress-Headquarters, the place where thoughts whirl and spin.

And when we slip out of present-moment awareness, spinning out into the past or the future (which don’t even exist, but we do it all the time anyway), we step out of our natural power – this has even been proven by scientific measurement. This spinning out causes great stress on the system, and then we get tired. Metatron is the Master of Time; his frequencies enter our being through the potent portal of the heart-centre, the crux of our being, returning us to the power of the present moment gently but with focus and force. And as we deepen our presence, our awareness of this place, our power begins to take up residence where it belongs – in the core of ourSelves.

Session Three: Energy/Life-Force/Health:

Our bodies were designed to function well and last for much longer than we’ve been taught to assume. What were all thos biblical lives that lasted so long? Were they pure myth – or was there some truth in the stories? Did those ancient people get some crucial ingredient, some fundamental understanding, that we’ve forgotten?

Stress-adrenaline-cortisol-shock-anger-grief: these are just a few of the common ways we wear our bodies out. We give our energy away and forget to deeply, genuinely, refuel – to maintain and cherish our bodies as we would cherish a person we love. While our systems and organs work faithfully to serve us night and day, we get out of touch with them and forget to cherish them back. Metatron gifts us with the divine frequencies that restore our life force, and as he does so, he also deepens our awareness, our sense of connection with the life around us and within. He amplifies our love and our respect – for those around us, for all life, and for the sacred vehicles that carry us through the journeys of our lives.

Session Four: Talent/Resources/Creativity:

You are a divine spin-off, a unique aspect of God wrapped up in a human suit. What an amazing opportunity and gift! Until the layers of conditioning and wounding and fear pile on so deep, you forget completely that this is what you are as you sink into the density that has deepened and disempowered us all. Your latent divinity, the power of your creativity, your natural brilliance and skills – and yes, your very real good-ness – are quietly buried and the illusion of “not good enough” comes to feel real.

Metatron is said to have lived a human life: he knows the human condition from the inside. And in humility, clarity, dedication – and, we feel pretty certain, a spirit of great joy – he transcended the gravitational force of that condition. He pursued his role as divine scribe, bringing heaven to earth through his words and through the way he lived his life. This is the template that he holds: he is not merely willing but joyful and enthusiastic at every opportunity to share this template. You need only offer a heart that is willing to receive.

Session Five: Money:

As long as the “not enough” settings – of fuel, time, health, personal skills, more – remain in place, it is well-nigh impossible to bring the truth of your divine prosperity to life in your world. And scarcity consciousness rules. Your prosperity reflects your belief in the value of what you have to trade: your skill, your talent, your heart-energy, your creativity; the package of gifts that comprise the unique quality of who you are.

As Metatron works to clear the deep-set imprints of scarcity, your cells will soften: you will feel the awakening flow of your creativity and power; even the energy of Money itself will flow. You will feel the reality of success, prosperity, self-worth, practical capability, purpose, your capacity to dream. Believe in your-Self, for real, and the natural stream of your divine prosperity moves into free-flowing abundance.

Session Six: Love (Companionship, Friendship, Romance – or all of these):

“Please,” said the fish as he swam through the ocean, “where is the water?” This is a perfect illustration of what we do as we make our way the best we can through the ocean of compassion, the matrix of love in which we unknowingly live. That compassion, the love that truly ‘gets us’ can so often seem elusive, so hard to find.

Water is a great image and energy to work with, as we invited Metatron to wash away the defences, the walls, the illusions we’ve erected in a world that appeared to be unsafe – and to water and nourish the powerful seeds of love, the core food of every life, which lies so often undiscovered in every heart and every cell.

Session Seven: Affirming the Gifts:

Metatron will have recalibrated you at each stage already, away from the ancient imprints of scarcity, and ushering in the abundant frequencies that come from the realms where only Light and Love and Truth are real. This final class will be the icing on the cake, as this Being of Love showers you with the frequencies of Courage, Faith, Commitment, Confidence, Joy and Peace, energetically confirming your divine power as they re-ignite the divinity of your real Self.

The angels are waiting in joyful anticipation of a beautiful event. Come and join us!

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