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Mastering the Story: Untangling the Threads, Freeing your Greatness

Mastering the Story

Untangling the Threads, Freeing your Greatness

3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th June 2018

“The shortest distance between a human being and truth is a story.” This profound truth, expressed by Anthony de Mello, a priest who made brilliant and prolific use of the shortest possible stories as vehicles to deliver profound teachings straight into our hearts, tells us the great value of story in every life.

Story, in fact, is the most powerful tool we have ever developed to convey understanding – and this is why Rudyard Kipling, like so many great minds and hearts, wrote about it too: “If history were taught in the form of stories,” he stated, “it would never be forgotten.”  But the never-forgetting part also tends to turn into a problem:  ‘the story’ can be one of our greatest challenges as well as one of our greatest gifts.

Through four online Classes, you will explore the great human potential that still lies untapped in your heart, waiting for you to activate that heart most fully and kindle your Creator-God force to heal yourself, heal the world, love all of life and “live as one”. You will reclaim those parts of yourself that may have got lost in a personal story or chain of stories as you stepped into the role you chose for this lifetime; you will free yourself from the knots and tangles of the ‘yarns’ that you have unwittingly spun, and the ‘shroud’ you have woven to protect you from what you have not dared to show.

Each week, Metatron brings you the higher frequencies which are the stuff of greater and grander narratives, and the tools to put these into action in the laboratory – and the story – of your life.

Session One: The Adventure: 

In the Gnostic text, The Gospel of Thomas, ‘The disciples asked (Jesus): “Tell us, how will our end come?” Jesus said, “Have you found the beginning, then, that you are looking for the end? You see, the end will be where the beginning is. Congratulations to the one who stands at the beginning.”’

Life is a journey beyond borders; an adventure that invites us to explore, to dive deep, to embrace every opportunity that comes our way. Very early on, we learned to fear. The natural exuberance and the pioneering spirit of our childhood quietly grew dim, until we forgot it had ever been truly alive. In this first session, as Metatron reaches down to meet you where you are, and forgotten dreams and inspiration are rekindled and courage restored, deep memory begins to stir, reminding you of the great human story, the love and inspiration that prompted your soul to travel here in the first place.

Session Two: Reconnecting with your-Self:

Before we enter physical life, we meet with our spiritual guides to examine the lessons we are ready to explore and together, we create the blueprint, a rough guide to the life that will unfold. And then, like the ‘players’ on Shakespeare’s ‘stage’, we don our garments and take up our roles. The sensory world has its enchantment and far more often than not, we forget completely that our part is just a role as we get lost in the story. Our souls lose touch with our divine source as, slowly but surely, we forget the divinity of our real nature; we forget who we truly are.

In this session, Metatron will work with the frequencies of Light to bring deep cellular reminders into the depth of your cellular memory, rekindling deep memory, restoring the sense of playfulness that so often gets lost as our roles come to seem urgent, important, and too real – sometimes – even for comfort, as they obscure our authentic power and truth.

Session Three: Knitting & Knotting – Untangling the Yarn:

Knitting is a crafted form of tying knots: it creates intricate and complex designs and prints. If you have ever tried untangling a well-worn piece of knitwear, to repair it or rebuild it in another way, you will know that even the softest materials – wool or cotton or silk – harden and set through time.  When yarns are spun within and around our individual lives, their knitting and knotting also become set through time. Storylines wind themselves through our psyches and imprint themselves deeply into our energy bodies, our memories and cells as the patterns of their knitting set up home within us, most often dictating our responses to the things that happen, while we’re scarcely aware they are there.

In this session, Metatron’s frequencies will flow as a river of love, untangling the knots and bumps, soothing the places that have grown tight with attachment, fear and the contracted or inflated sense of identity which limits our genuine growth – and lifting the shroud that may have disguised you from those around you, and also with yourself. Your whole being will soften as you feel relief, comfort and truth.

Session Four: Emergence:

With the knots, the bumps and the covers gently dissolved and lifted, and ancient memory rekindled, this session is devoted to your emergence as the magnificent, beautiful and brilliant soul that you are. Metatron will free your creativity, your unique individuality, to be all that you truly came here to be: beyond the costumes, the roles, the stages, and into the truth of your divine essence.

This session will deliver you, free you, liberate you. And liberated, you will begin to remember the passion that brought you here in the first place, and to re-activate that passion in your heart; this rekindling of your heart-energy will unite you with your sisters and brothers on Earth, endorsing your deep sense of family; of truly belonging where you are; of oneness and power and truth.

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