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Mastering the Story

Mastering the Story

Untangling the Threads, Freeing your Greatness

3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th June 2018

Life is the great journey of discovery; a quest to discover our power and purpose, to merge with all life as we awaken to the truth of oneness; a story, through which we live and learn to love. But:
All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” Like Method Actors overly caught up in their roles of scoundrels or heroines, saviours or slaves, we easily forget who we really are.
The story is also the ‘yarn’ – and yarn is the thread that may be the stuff of beautiful creations: tapestries and clothes. But its knitting and knotting can also create knots that harden through time: as these ‘knots’ harden within our cellular memory, we may find ourselves up against energy blocks.
The thread may be the stuff of blankets that keep us warm – but it may also be the weave of ‘rugs’ or ‘shrouds’ that conceal our treasures, the true gifts and qualities buried deep within our souls and cells.

The first step in Metatronic Healing is to remove the story; to dissolve or lift it from the body, bringing spiritual and energetic freedom from aspects of the personal biography that keep us limited or hide the truth of our divine nature. This gift replaces the lower frequencies of need and fear with the higher frequencies of creativity and love: it can bring deep and potent healing at once, and for seekers, it can also empower the journey of a lifetime.

You will explore your story; see its perfection, honour its gifts, and understand where it has defined and fortified your lower self at the expense of your purpose and power. The story takes us into places of adventure but also of struggle. As the Metatronic frequencies and tools free you from the hard-set ‘knots’ and ‘bumps’ that have wound themselves through your energy and psyche as your story has gathered momentum, they invite you not so much to transcend that story as to enter its deeper truth; to step onto the larger stage, daring to be seen as you engage your heart with the greater, grander story of humanity. As each person awakens their true potential and remembers their divinity, we shall remember ourselves as creator-Gods and learn to live as one. 

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