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Metatronic Healing®

The Divine Healing Clinic is the online arm of Metatronic Healing, a powerful system for healing of body and soul, and this website the sister site to Metatronic Life.

This healing modality, guided and overseen by the divine intelligence and wisdom of Metatron, dissolves ancient traumas, destructive emotions and limiting beliefs from deep body memory, gently, progressively transforming the dense thought forms of fear and lack. The Metatronic frequencies – soft, loving, powerful vibrations of light-energy – do this with beautiful gentleness and grace.

Through the 7 Attunements and 7 Transmissions of the first course in Metatronic Healing, each of these 7 creates a matrix of spiritual weaving to make a divine energetic structure which sits in the heart and tunes to your inner divine nature.

This gradually turns you away from negative habits of body, speech and mind and towards shining your divinity through the human condition. Once there, it’s like turning an oil tanker around, you turn the steering wheel and for some time not much seems to happen, but it is and as it builds up momentum the tanker turns.

What makes Metatronic Healing unique even amongst some healing modalities that already have connection with Metatron, is to know that this comes directly from Metatron, is created by him, sequenced and given via the teacher to you. It is impossible to overestimate the power, versatility and the

For more expanded information on Metatronic Healing, and a Calendar of upcoming courses, come and visit us at Metatronic Life. We look forward to welcoming you there!