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Mystery & Mastery: Water & Fire

Mystery and Mastery: Water & Fire

4 segments: July 30th-31st and Aug 6th-7th, 6pm UK, 1pm EST

The unconscious mind is the repository of everything that we deny and suppress, but it is also the precious storehouse of all that we need to know. And similarly, our own inner water holds much of what we deny or suppress, so metaphorically this element can ‘drown’ us in emotions we have not met and befriended. But water is deeply magical: we can dump more or less anything into it and it will carry it, but what it carries does not become integrated into its nature. It is essentially incorruptible. Filter out what is sitting there and the water is as pure as it was at the start of life.

Water also does something else: it carries all the substances that are needed for life. There’s a fascinating parallel here: the human psyche holds what we need to know for life, deep in the unconscious mind – or deep in the ‘wells’ of our own water (which equals approximately 70% of what we are).

This ocean of consciousness, the divine water element within us, therefore holds extraordinary potential. And so does fire. Like Water,  Fire can also be a fiercely destructive element, but just as it cleanses and revitalizes the land, it also purifies the human heart while it warms and feeds it with constant sparks of creation. Traditionally, this element is associated with the force of Spirit: it is in-spiring, and tremendously empowering.

Under the guidance of Metatron, who leads and teaches, purifies and amplifies, these spiritual elements are amplified by his divine intention, and work quiet miracles within us, so in these four days, we will work to meet, clear and purify the places where water has promoted what we might call an “overgrowth of undergrowth”, or the tangles that pile up in the lower emotional bodies, which can then become fodder for the fires of frustration or shame, of jealousy, rage or despair, that can consume us. This will create tremendous space for what is light and true, so that when our inner fire comes to life, it glows rather than rages; supports rather than destroys; warms us without burning us.

Metatron will purify your inner landscape as he gifts you with the sacred energies of these two profound elements. Through these Metatronic immersions, you will receive a profound spiritual watering and fertilizing of the seeds that you hold within you, as your unique qualities as a spiritual being on Earth are clarified and activated, and as Metatron supports you in forging paths forward through whatever may have been the ‘rocks’ that have challenged you on your path. But water alone can only do so much: it is the warmth of fire acting in partnership with water that germinates those inner seeds and prompts them to bud and flower.

Session 1: Creation

Water is deeply associated with the mystery of life. Yet without the heat of the sun, life as we know it would not exist. In this first session, Metatron will infuse the cells of your body with the perfect balance of water and fire, as he also cleanses and clears what might feel crowded or even chaotic within you: the tangle of memories, wounds, beliefs and conditioning that often builds up within the unconscious, just as it does in an untended garden. As this begins to clear, the space opens for clear perception and feeling.

Session 2: Your Divine Feminine

Water is feminine, fluid, soft, creative; profoundly connected with the rich life of the unconscious mind. Through its patient, steady persistence it has the power to carve paths through rock. As Metatron works with you, the creative and life-giving power of water will be amplified within you, for water itself amplifies everything that it touches. You will see the places where you have withheld your power; where you have hesitated to speak your truth. Fire is the element most intimately linked with Spirit. As Metatron brings sacred fire to energize and move the waters of your being, you will feel the rising of your truth from deep within your psyche, as the strengthens your capacity to speak from your heart.

Session 3: Your Inner Crystals

Not only was the existence of water essential for the original creation of organic life; not only does it carry away grief and water the seeds of fresh growth and positive emotion; not only does it cleanse and maintain and revitalize us; not only does it show us the power of resilience as its peaceful, patient action carves pathways into new lands; not only does it have memory, and the capacity to transmit fresh instructions to the psyche. It also carries the precise ingredients necessary for the health of each life form, to bring such instructions into form. In this session, Metatron will work with you to transmit the sacred forms of joy, trust, faith, compassion and wisdom through the water crystals held in your blood, while divine fire ripens and sets those forms, helping you to hold the integrity of your own energetic template.

Session 4: Food from the Unconscious

We often see only what moves on the surface of the ocean, and thus of ourselves: beneath the surface are its ever-moving depths. The element of water can ‘drown’ us, if we are out of touch with our own depths: it can feed the shadow parts of the unconscious, through which we unwittingly dream up some of the conditions that become our lives. But it also waters the seeds of our understanding, our talents and our growth.

Like Water, Fire has the capacity to destroy, but also to purify, and to germinate new life within you. The quintessential element of all that is masculine, this sacred element puts you in touch with your innate, divine power. It authenticates you, endorsing the unique spark of divinity which is your divine nature. It encourages you to stand in the power of your authentic self, with the light and the love that you bring. This is the focus in this session: to birth you into your full, divinely-give power, through the action – to quote St John’s Gospel – of ‘Water and the Spirit’.

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