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Physical Vitality (1): Energy Networks/Systems

High-frequency energies act on all the planes of our existence from the most ethereal right down to the DNA at the deepest and densest levels of our bodies. And our organs and systems work around the clock to keep our health and vitality as high as possible against the constant pressures of the life pressures and toxins that assail us from our environment, foods, chemicals, relationships, places of work and other external factors to our repeating habits of emotion and thought. Chinese Medicine also links the physical systems and organs to an emotion or group of emotions, so this Metatronic programme is one of the great gifts you can offer to those hard-working Energy Networks.

In Physical Vitality, Pippa works with the Healing & Prayer format, working in communion with Metatron each day for 75-90 minutes, cleansing and fortifying seven of your major channels of Energy and CommunChakra-systemication, filling them with high-frequency vitality to ensure a healthy flow of life force, and writing a daily email, “Reporting Live from the 11th Dimension,” that helps you to ground the experience and the energies of each day’s healing. At the start of each session, several minutes are given to the health and flow of the Meridians:

Meridians – The twelve Meridians are recognised in ancient Chinese Medicine as the channels through which the flow of Chi, Q’i or Life Force flows, so that energy is carried throughout the entire body. They can be understood as the major roads or energy-highways within the body, but because these exist at the subtle rather than the physical level they can be described more as a process than a structure. Balancing the flow of yin and yang energy, the flow of these channels is vital to our optimum functioning. With this in place, the following systems will be addressed:

  1. Respiratory System – Air is the first element we ‘call on’ as we emerge from the waters of the womb into the independence of physical life: we can live for weeks without food, days without water, and only a few minutes without air. So as we call on Metatron to clear and strengthen this vital channel, you may feel the energy blocks which in so many of us can cause the breath to grow shallow and short. Passages will be softened and cleared as the intake of oxygen deepens and expands, reaching every cell in the body.
  2.  Nervous System – All of the bodily systems work together, at every level: dividing them even into the stuff of different focus each Prayer day is arbitrary, of course. The nervous system, like all the channels, connects with every part of the body and every other system. It is also highly sensitive, responding instantly to love and fear, to shock, trauma, challenge, excitement, hope, security and any other life condition we choose to name. The frequencies that Metatron offers in working with the nervous system, which of course includes the brain, are beautiful in their softness and their power: they smooth the bumps, restore the links, and calm the body and spirit.
  3. Digestive System – As we walk our paths and meet the challenges of each individual life, every one of us encounters situations and events that are unpalatable to our human consciousness. They are, quite simply, hard to digest. We meet the deep choices of how to process the lessons and tests, what to accept and what to reject, how to create and draw out the ‘pearl’ from the ‘grit’ of our experience, and the difficulties we meet are often reflected physically in the health of the digestive system: it is a 21st-century truism, for instace, that “all disease starts in the colon”. Metatronic energy will soothe and purify the channel from the mouth and the tongue through the long canals of this miraculous system that nourishes us from one moment to the next.
  4. Endocrine System – Like the nervous system, the endocrine system sends chemical messages via the hormones they produce, which travel from one part of the body to another, often quite distant. It consists of a network of glands which produce the hormones to regulate our metabolism, our growth and development, the health of our tissues, our sleep, reproduction and the state of our emotions. The activity of each gland is intimately connected with the hormones produced by other glands, and with the nervous system which provides their stimulus, and by receptors in the blood.
  5. Circulatory System – The magical liquid that flows through our veins is familiar to us from our earliest years, when a small cut to a finger is an exciting or traumatic event! We intuitively sense the activity of the heart, the engine at the centre of the circulation, which works 24/7 from the day we are born until the day we die, to ensure the flow of oxygen and all our vital nutrients through the arteries, veins and capillaries to reach every minute cell. The arteries can become blocked, by toxins of body, mind and heart; and they can become unblocked as we detoxify the multiple levels of our being. Metatronic work has always begun with the heart; and the full activation of its intelligence is its goal. You will feel the warmth and light as Metatron works to clear your arteries and veins, and brings the energies of Love to the deepest caves of your heart.
  6. Reproductive System – The health of this system, like all of our systems, has been influenced by our genetic heritage before our birth, it is affected (again, like all our systems) by the condition of our environment, and at a more subtle level it also has much to do with the balancing of our inner female and male energies. This in turn is reflected in the state of the external balance of those energies, and thus the health of our relationships. As Metatron works to balance these energies within you, and to clear the toxic build-up within the reproductive system of male and female, the cells will soften, open and allow a greater flow of divine energy to activate their essential creative power.
  7. Water Flow – The body can be viewed and appreciated in so many different ways: one of these is as a system of rivers and refreshing rain that bring that essential pre-requisite to life on any planet: this is the precious element of Water. As Water becomes an ever-increasingly precious commodity on Earth, we learn to appreciate its purity and its vital capacity to cleanse, nourish and balance our energy and life force. In this session, Metatron will carry the amplified force of that element to all the systems we have worked with through the week, bringing deep restoration to every corner of your body, the sacred vehicle of your soul.