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Forgiveness: the High-Potency Remedy

Forgiveness: the High-Potency Remedy

So much is happening around the world to make us frightened, angry, insecure; so much to compound our sense of separation and plunge us further into forgetting who we are. The great ‘battle’ is on: between the shadow and the light; the perpetrator and the victim; the forces that contract us and those that urge us to awaken. We keep hearing that this is the last step, the last stage, the last test…

Truth is we don’t know the timing – we must and we do trust that the outcome is assured, because we did not come here by chance. We are Divine Beings come to an Earth that’s in powerful transition; we are ancient and potent souls awakening from the deepest sleep. We hold within us the shadow with the light; we are the perpetrator and the victim; we contain the forces of contraction and expansion, and as we yawn and stretch, it is our awareness that is waking: we are seeing beyond the veil that so long obscured the rich and complex life of our unconscious minds and cells, so that each of us is ready to bring all that we have to our unique, dynamic, crucial part in the unfolding Drama, the Light Returning to Planet Earth.

We were never promised the quest would be easy, but in men and women all over the world, divinity is sparking up; the Goddess is awakening. And as we forge our way towards a Golden Age, gradually remembering our Oneness, the truth beneath all our divisions and fears, we are returning to Love, the only force that’s real in the end.

“No one is born hating another person … People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” Nelson Mandela published those words in 1994 and as we move through the latter half of this extraordinary year, never have we had greater need to hear them – really hear them – in our hearts.

Hatred is all about human stories, and so is love. There are 7.5 billion of us on the Planet, and deep in the cellular/soulular memory of us all, records are engraved: events, stories, emotions. Joys, creations, wounds. And human beings are unique for one reason perhaps above all others: we have the gift of imagination. Let’s imagine 7.5 billion souls all choosing Forgiveness – of ourselves, of others, of God.

What would happen? How might it look?

An instant outbreak of peace on all the Earth. An (almost) overwhelming reduction of fear. No more projection; no more blame; no more fretting over the dictator, the terrorist, the mother-in-law, the betrayer (it’s all the same stuff) because, as another wise person wrote, “to forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you”. The players and scenes in the outer world are wonderful mirrors of who we are and what we need to look at, but the real work of healing the planet happens inside each of our hearts. So the wise response is to thank each of these people and scenes for what we perceive that they have done to us, notice the negative charge that arises, embrace our rising shadow – and send love wherever it is needed. Then we can begin to let go.

This, of course, is easily said. How do we reach this place of purity and comfort? How do we meet the inner Creator and embrace what we have created, suffered or allowed? How do we make our Divinity real? And how do we forgive?

Research into the impact of Forgiveness on physical and psychological health is exciting; it illustrates radical freedom from the deepest ‘prisons’ of our physiology as well as our souls. But many lightworkers have worked and worked to forgive, and still the imprints release another dose of their hidden charge, and – bam! – there’s the emotion again, the memory, the guilt, the regret, the rage.

We are powerfully caught up in our personal stories, plus our karmic, ancestral and cultural ones, with all the feelings of judgment and separation that arise from them. They run us from places deep in the unconscious mind and it’s not surprising that we’re attached to them, for they have seemed to define us, in so many ways. Yet as we hold onto them, in effect we are most often punishing ourselves, moment to moment. And from those same places within us, we find ways to keep others suffering with us, for while the ego loves to be top of the pile or front of the line, it can’t stand the pain of being alone. So then comes projection, blame, disempowerment and chaos. Carl Jung, however, peering into the powerhouse of the collective consciousness, assured us that in all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.

Forgiveness is a great key to this beckoning state of ‘order’, because it delivers us to a place where we see the logic as well as the poetry within the journeys we have all made. There has been method in what has so often felt like the madness of what we have lived and witnessed and felt. If it’s God we want to blame for our pain, we’re blaming ourselves, since we wrote the script in the first place. If it’s our families or friends we want to blame, same deal. The ‘madness’ in the ‘method’ of what we’ve lived is that it’s forced us to grow up, to remember that we are God anyway. With forgiveness, then rather than remain in the pain of contraction and separation, we emerge and merge, softening, opening and expanding. Energetic integrity and boundaries grow stronger, not frailer, as each of us is restored to our-Selves. We begin to remember who we really are, and as we do so, Oneness, Wholeness, Holiness grow real in our experience.

The word forgiveness means “to give completely, without conditions”. To choose forgiveness is to choose freedom, abundance and joy, for as our acts of forgiveness dissolve the cords of fear and give each person back to themselves, they fortify the sacred sovereignty of us all, returning us to love in all of its creative power. Universal law states that whatever we give will return to us tenfold: to “give completely” is the great win-win.

We can find forgiveness through meditation, through the power of loving intention, through counselling, though to reach it through these routes generally takes time. In the urgency of our age, time is of the essence, so the Forces of Love are thinning the veils to bring us their direct support. They are offering us the gift of energy transmissions delivered directly into our hearts and cells: these greatly speed and empower our vital journey into forgiveness, wholeness, holiness; our return to Love.

Forgiveness is more a gift of Grace than an act of will, but we play a dynamic, active part. If our will-ingness is there, our preparedness to say yes, to open, to soften and receive, then Grace – carried on the frequencies of Divine Love – will gently deliver us into that state of heart and mind which, overnight, could heal our whole world.