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Relationshift: Healing & Prayer


The shift from 3D to 5D relationship is essentially a shift in the ground of our being, as we gently move away from an old-world agenda and into the new energy. Our separation-based agendas of survival, self-assertion and the other skills have been necessary to forge physical lives on Earth, so they have sat in the 1st through 3rd chakras since way back through the ages, but as we awaken, our attention is shifting ‘upward’, towards the inclusive consciousness of the heart centre, with the astounding power, intelligence and life force that it contains – and beyond this, to the love and power that lie latent in the higher chakras and their association with the Spirit and the Soul. This programme dynamically supports that process, bringing the compassion and power of Divine Love into the crucial area of relationship, the core and the fuel of every life.

This 7-day event combines the formats of a Teleseminar with Healing & Prayer. We will start each day by gathering up and sharing information before entering the silence and potency as we drop deeply into Metatron’s Field. In every session, while we bring awareness to the issues that must be cleared, there is greater emphasis on the transformative and empowering action of the Metatronic frequencies as they awaken your dormant divinity, releasing the great potential that lies hidden dormant within your chakras and cells, giving you back to yourself at a profound level. Rich, fluid and full of motion, the programme will address:

Want Love, Be Love: Easy to say, not so easy to do, when the core energy of our home Planet is fear and separation. Pippa works with Metatron to shift the cellular settings especially in the root chakra area, where for centuries we have all been plugged into survive. The frequencies will expand its space, and light, and flow, bringing you back in touch with the Love and the deep cosmic connection at the heart of yourself.

Survival, Sex and Money: These issues are core to life on the Planet, so they permeate every relationship to some degree. When these issues become stagnant or stuck, they create contraction and conflict; in healthy flow, they are energies of joy. As we explore the energies sitting in the sacral chakra, the Metatronic frequencies will work gently through this area, promoting movement, communion and a natural state of flow.

Relationship Mirrors: As you see yourself in the mirror of those you connect most closely with, you are well equipped to look with compassion at your solar plexus with its struggle to forge an authentic sense of identity and purpose. Metatron clears the hidden judgments that you hold about yourself, replacing these with the imprints of Appreciation, Gratitude and the power of your Divine self.

Control, Power & the Heart: The ego thrives on separation – or it thinks it does. When the separation gets scary, it dives straight into control, which leads to more separation. In this session, you will begin to feel the real bridging of your solar plexus with your heart centre. The heart moves in the direction of all that is holistic and intuitive and wise: it thrives on Oneness and the creative energies of Love.

Victim & Dependency Imprints: When we perceive ourselves from the level of our bodies and minds, we see and feel the energies of separation – from Source, from one another, from ourselves. Our sense of disconnection disempowers us, convincing us of our need to right perceived wrongs and to find life force and sustenance from the limited resources of other people rather than the infinite resources of the Divine Source. From this place, it is hard to speak our truth. In this session, Metatron’s frequencies will work deeply into your throat centre, freeing you to communicate from a place of clarity and love.

Male/Female Inner Balance: With the gender wars of millennia sitting in our cells, here is another ancient and core source of separation and division. Our feminine and masculine energies sit deep within each of us, waiting only to be uncovered, rediscovered, honoured and embraced. The force of each alone is already great: in harmony and co-creation, they are awesome. Your brow centre is also your 3rd eye: with the support of Metatron’s presence, the separation of the two will be brought into the unity of the One.

The Third Ingredient: The union of two individuals gives rise to a third entity: a relationship ripens and matures as the two open their hearts to the sacred presence of divinity and of the higher purpose which has brought the two together. In this session you will feel that ripening and deepening as Metatron gifts you with the warm, rich energies of Spirit that inform and guide your true purpose in relationship. This session will be a profoundly nourishing finish to a week of powerful recalibration.