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Spiritual Sauna: A Free Event

Peace dove19th July, 9pm UK, 4pm EST, 1pm PST

Are you tasked with more and more to do, and less and less time to do it? Do your muscles tighten as your mind races?

Relax! Come and join us on this warm, blissful, one-off event, as Pippa and Metatron deliver the warmth and restoration of a Spiritual Sauna to you, wherever you are (and it’s Free). If you are new to the Divine Magic that is gifted to us in the Metatronic frequencies – or even if you’re new to energy healing completely – this is the perfect opportunity to come and experience the beauty and peacefulness that is offered to us by the realms of Spirit.

Click on the Image to your left, or Here, and sign up for Free to this powerful event – you will receive instructions for dialling in or connecting by Skype. This is an invitation to receive deeply for yourself, to decompress and let the power of high frequencies of Light bring you genuine transformation: lie down for 30-40 minutes in the comfort of your own home and bask in the softening, healing frequencies of Divine Love, as they are gently delivered right into your living space and your cells.

Love and Joy are not merely ideas: they are real, living energies: their gentle power has the capacity to dissolve stress and tension and all that comes from fear. As the energies of anxiety are wafted away, your cells are softened and your peace of mind restored.