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Stillness in the Storm

Stillness in the Storm

This 2016 year has been stormy for so many of us in so many corners of the globe. On the outside, we’ve been seeing fires and floods along with political upheaval on a global scale – and the exodus of refugees in biblical proportions. On the inside, more of us than not have faced intensification in our personal stresses and life conditions as we navigate what is surely the final stage in the major shift we’ve navigated for so long.

As October approaches and the leaves begin to fall, the ancient calendar nudges us towards the energies of the year ahead, so in this 2-segment Teleseminar scheduled for mid-October, Metatron will hold you steady as you process the profound changes that have faced you in your recent journey.

The ‘Healing & Prayer’ formulBuddha in flow water smalla is a simple and potent Metatronic gift: at the agreed time, you tune into the gathering from wherever you are; Pippa delivers your personal prayers into the Metatronic field, working first to clear old settings that have caused cycles of struggle and pain, and then replaces these with fresh energetic codes to build your clarity and activate your latent divine power. While remaining in the Field, she then writes an email, “Reporting Live from the 11th Dimension”, which endorses the energies you have received and enables you to deepen them each time you absorb the images and words.

Testimonials from previous Healing & Prayer Events:

“It is a true gift that you have offered to each of us during these transformative times. You have a wonderful way of sharing this gift and I am so very grateful. I feel like the new baby being held in the arms of the divine as I go through a new birthing process. Complete surrender. I feel honored to have been guided to your work and to your beautiful mastery in motion. All my Love and Gratitude,”

June C

“I am in awe of the changes that are happening – and in just a couple of days.  Thank you so much. This morning I realized I was feeling SO GOOD – it just naturally bubbled up from within!  Happy, glad to be alive, enjoying the magpies chortling, life is good, feeling SUPPORTED – after such a long absence of these feelings just being there. I wrote in my journal how ‘tickled pink’ I was – and then recalled your email from the first session – where we were transformed from white to pink – so ‘tickled pink’ seems such an apt phrase – which bought another layer of joy to me. Loving reading your vivid and colourful descriptions. With so much love and appreciation,”

Barbara M