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Summer Sale: Divine Healing Clinic

Audio mp3s: Relaxation, Restoration, Peace of Mind

Looking for Vitality, Relaxation, Detoxification, Peace of Body and Mind? We have the answer for you: powerful energy healing at the press of a button.

CLICK AND ENJOY! Our Summer Sale – June 30th-10th July – at the Divine Healing Clinic has just begun. Encoded Love Transmissionwith the high frequencies of Love that emanate from Archangel Metatron, these audios are energy-rich and potent, softening everything that they touch. Explore the Divine Healing Clinic and choose from a wide range of journeys, guided by Pippa Merivale with Metatron and accompanied by powerfully relaxing music, to Soothe your Brain, Reboot your Aura, Detox your Liver and Kidneys. Perhaps you could do with Better Sleep. Life will get easier as you Empower your Heart, Get Grounded and much more. These soothing, powerfully revitalising and non-invasive treatments are available to you at the click of a switch: you will feel as your world transforms from the inside out.

What People Are Saying:

“I am amazed at how incredibly uplifting and powerful the audio work is. Since I have been listening to the recordings, I have experienced miraculous shifts – like habits that don’t serve me dissolving and creating space for me to focus on my passion. I feel lighter. I feel grounded expansiveness. I am starting to be able to truly believe that much more wonderfulness is possible for me to co-create than I had considered realistic before. Your work is making an enormous positive difference in my life and enabling me to pass that on. My heart swells with appreciation.”DHC-2014-Auric-Reboot

Carol J, Texas, USA.

“I listened to Metatronic Massage last night in bed. So incredibly beautiful. I felt my entire being cradled in compassionate love. And, I just this very moment listened to Auric Reboot – so wonderfully cleansing. My gratitude and love to you. Thank you!”

Marian T, Perth

“As an overworked Nursing Practitioner in a large hospital, I feel and pick up too easily the frustrations, fears and pains of my workmates as well as my patients, which used to lead almost inevitably to chronic tiredness, with shades of depression lurking in the background, and more than the occasional day off sick. Then I used the Auric Reboot before going home. It was like standing in a warm shower: instant cleansing, my life force returned, and I was able to be present for my family in a way I hadn’t been for years. I use it most days now, just like a shower – it works every time. Thank you so much!”

Deb S, NY