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Teleseminar Feedback

Plethora of internal shifts

“Today’s call was very powerful.  Ìt felt amazing to open in such a divine and brilliant way, to trust in Lord Metatron and in the glorious grace of our creator. You mentioned that through our birth and childhood trauma we were deprived of our creative gifts.  This is something that I strongly sense and all I feel to do is to surrender as we recalibrate and hope to awaken my creative gifts as the opportunity presents. In Gods time. With a plethora of internal shifts and changes, I feel tired yet hopeful. Sending you many wondrous blessings.  I have no words to describe my gratitude and appreciation.”

June C


Awe … Words Cannot Express

“I’m in awe that I found you, thank you so much for being willing to gift us with the Metatronic healing calls. This week has been such a wave of emotions,  and healing. I am noticing a shift within: there is a softness that is comforting in the midst of  the waves. Words cannot express what a healing gift this work is in my life. Your voice is ever most precious and I cried through most of the calls this week….Thank you for your contribution, love and most of all for your deeply compassionate heart. Love & blessings.”
Gloria R


Generous, Deep, Comforting…

“This Teleseminar communication gives me the opportunity to let you know how deeply I appreciate your work – it is utterly precious, generous, deep, comforting, goes far beyond conventional limits and touches sacred realms. Thank you for this nearly unspeakable gift!  All the best and love,”

Francine K, Switzerland


Tears of Gratitude

“Truth Pippa, the question was posed how do you send water in the post (?!) … well if I could post to you the silent tears of gratitude that are falling within my heart right now and which have hopefully arranged, transmuted into beautiful crystals of divine love under the direction of Metatron … I would, as surely this must have been the journey over the past 11 days….droplets of consciousness arranging and rearranging into perfect divine geometric patterns. Thank you so very very much. Deep love and gratitude.”

Geraldine H


Struggling with family’s displeasure…

“For about a year, I had been struggling with my family’s displeasure at my writing a book on healing from sexual trauma.  I had put the book on the shelf, for lots of reasons, but I had begun to realize that I was feeling silenced by their disapproval and it was time to venture out there a bit. Did the water transmision sort some of what was mine from what was theirs?  I think so.”

(Name withheld for privacy)


Canyon Blasted Open…

Divine Wealth, Day 7: “When it was time to tune back into my body, I was totally present here (I’d say 90%) but was still able to be aware of the multi-dimensionality of what had opened up (or what was probably already there but what I had expanded my awareness to perceive, the sacred geometric connections from the lowest level of my DNA, to my cells, to my chakras, to the earth grids, to the universal grids, to the multi-verse grids). As I went about my day (took my children to a birthday party), I felt a deep sense of peace and trust that I now will have the information/energies/knowing of what’s required to create money or whatever else I desire to actualize into my physical reality, as I require it. …  Several years’ worth of tools in my belt have definitely allowed me to carve out the path, but this week’s calls have blasted the canyon open. I am so grateful.” 

Sadie L, WA


Shift so Profound…

“Thank you for the Free Teleseminar, Make Way for Wealth. I just finished listening to the recording and instantly booked the course! I wasn’t planning to at all (not because I don’t need it). But the shift during that meditation was so profound and I realised how my relationship with money is very toxic, and is affecting me on every level including physical wellbeing.I’m looking forward to joining you again on the course.”

Kristina M


Lancing this Wound

Divine Wealth: “The wonderful class this morning brought up so much more of that deep unconscious stuff that AA Metatron specializes in.  In response to the application of the love and light energy Metatron offered to us, ANGER rose up in me and added its fiery and pushy energy with the sickening fear already present in the pit of my stomach. … Dang this is sooooo uncomfortable  facing these deep and murky demons head on, but I am recognizing how I have been avoiding these subversive and subterranean energies because I did not want to feel the pain of it all. My gratitude is to you and Metatron for lancing this wound today for me and to myself for understanding that the wound needs to be washed clean before it can heal. Feeling the Love flow now…”

Kathleen B


Big Christ Energy

Divine Wealth: “Just felt moved to share with you after listening to day six – It just seems to me that all of my money worries are about not being loved enough – a big Christ energy came in during today’s session. Jesus is a recurring theme for me in Metatronic work. What came was that Jesus is love and love is wealth and abundance in all forms – and when I open to that I open to that energy in myself. Had this wonderful image of me and Jesus playing pass the parcel with a huge safe full of cash, and each time we gave it back to each other with joy and open heartedness it just got more fun and playful and bigger. Love of money is not evil – it is when we forget that open-heartedness that it becomes about clinging and scarcity. Wonderful session! Thank you so much.”

Lorraine C


Purging my Root Chakra

Emotional Rebirthing, Final Session: “In meeting the horse energy head on…which was really big for me since I have always had a fear of horses… the message came to me “you are broken” I felt the feelings of sadness arise within and I surrendered to receive the power and strength, and courage that was gifted to me. I felt jolts of energy purging into my root chakra down through my legs into the ground. These jolts have been happening over the recent days and I felt as through my body was receiving recalibration from Metatron. Today I feel strong and powerful and the strength and courage in moving forward with the beauty and spirit of the energy that the horse magnifies as it gallops off into the fields of Mother earth.”



It Hadn’t Occurred to me I was Traumatised…!

Healing Shock & Trauma: “It hadn’t occurred to me I was traumatised until I saw the Teleseminar you were offering and something pulled me towards it. Once immersed, I was astounded not only by the power of the incoming Light but also to discover deeply hidden memories and fears which had been quietly directing me for years before. Feeling these was uncomfortable, but short-lived: what has stayed with me is a wonderful sense of freedom and power that I hadn’t known was missing. Thank you!”

Beata B


Calling Back of all Parts

“OMG – what was that transmission !! – it felt like all energy was being pulled back into each Chakra from all parts of my body – a calling back of all parts which were out of alignment and were no longer needed – brought together to the energy centres ready to be washed/lifted/dissipated cleared at last! then wooshed down and out through the earth. I felt every single minute of it and it was incredible. Then followed a most active night of lucid dreaming where I wasn’t able to hold onto to anything – and didn’t need to  – it all just kept coming up and out. Feeling like I just want to do it over and over again so that every last trace of ‘stuff’ is gone and I can finally be clear.”

Pauline D


I Have Rarely Gone so Deep

“How powerful I found last week’s sessions.  I have rarely gone so deep.  For some reason I actually came around ‘scared’ losing sense of where I was! However I swiftly settled and felt calm and have kept a hugely serene feel since and a loving energy in my heart. On both days Metatron also gave me huge clarity over something I have been stressing over for a long time. I had a reading yesterday and the lady said she had rarely felt such an angelic presence – I am sure it is Metatron still around.  She picked up that ‘stuff’ it would take years for most to clear I have cleared in so little time, so again I am sure it has been a lot to do with the healings through yourself and Metatron the past year, as well as being attuned to the foundation course.”
Tasha W, UKViscera-Piscis--2

Absolutely love…

Absolutely love, love, love this session. Thank you so very much! With love,
Joyce ♡ (NY)Viscera-Piscis--2

Extraordinary, Utterly Life-Changing

“The work is taking me so deep I am going to a place where there really are not words… or where the words are so inadequate they are better left unsaid rather than be misleading. I was transported yet aware of the transmissions and of where they are working.  This series has been extraordinary, utterly life-changing.  Thank you so very much.” 

Gina M