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7 & 8-Day Events – Live & Recorded

In this great Age of mass communication, we all know that the gaps that have divided us in the past are thinning: we know from our daily experience that our communication channels connect us with one another at the speed of light. Many of us are also growing more aware that we can reach out across shutterstock_318464219oceans and time zones and meet one another in “The Field”, or the ocean of consciousness that unites us all.

In a similar way, as the vibratory rate of the planet quickens and we all evolve, the veil that separated the dimensions in the past is also thinning. The angels have always reached out to us across the divide, but for centuries we were mostly too occupied with the challenges on Earth to feel their subtle presence. Now, as our senses deepen and expand their bandwidth and we awaken, we can reach back to those angelic beings and receive their energies into our hearts.

Our Teleseminars and Healing & Prayer Events draw on this rich field of consciousness, harnessing the frequencies of Love that are available to us and applying their healing power to specific life areas.

The Teleseminar recordings hold much of that energy intact: these Audio mp3s are a great resource, containing a fluid blend of Energy Activations (which travel intact across time and space) and information, creating a dynamic package for spiritual connection, life direction and support.