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Divine Wealth: Clearing the Money Channels

Divine Wealth: Clearing the Money Channels


At some level, however deeply hidden, we all feel we don’t have enough: the consciousness of Separation and Lack is embedded in our mass consciousness, affecting each of us in many ways including our understanding of Money, which was given to us as a vehicle for Divine Energy to flow fluently between us and empower us for Creativity and Prosperity.

The story of Lack plays out a little differently in every life, but it runs us from our shadow-lands. In this 7-Day Divine Wealth Tele-Class, Pippa works with golden buddha handMetatron to bring deep-acting clearance to the old settings around Money inherited through the centuries, and transmit a new frequency to re-awaken your natural settings of Divine Wealth and Wellness.

In the 7 Sessions, we address key aspects of the conditioning we’ve all inherited through the ages, which has kept us in repeating cycles of scarcity and separation, re-opening the channels and rekindling the inherent divinity at your core. Personal Beliefs; Emotions; the wider Money Channels around us in society; Growing your Vessel; Healing the Relationships at the hub of all manifestation; Activating your Soul Purpose and more. Programme Details:

 No Words to Describe

“Today’s call was very powerful.  Ìt felt amazing to open in such a divine and brilliant way, to trust in Lord Metatron and in the glorious grace of our creator. You mentioned that through our birth and childhood trauma we were deprived of our creative gifts.  This is something that I strongly sense and all I feel to do is to surrender as we recalibrate and hope to awaken my creative gifts as the opportunity presents. In Gods time. With a plethora of internal shifts and changes, I feel tired yet hopeful. Sending you many wondrous blessings.  I have no words to describe my gratitude and appreciation.”

June C