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The Christ Activations Programme Details

The Christ Activations

Metatron and Christ Consciousness in Our Time:

4th-11th March 2018. 

Be prepared for an intensive programme as Pippa works with you through approximately two-and-a-half hours each of the 8 days – interspersing teaching and guidance with energy activations and deep silence, while Metatron’s energies of Light course through your energy system, clearing illusion and activating the dormant strands of your DNA to support the fullest embodiment and expression of your Self on earth.

On completion of the program, you will also receive a full set of pdf files, each containing a Meditation and some key Affirmations to support each of the activations.  Every time you return to the materials, the power of the activation deepens.

The Eight Initial Activations:

Bringing the power of Metatronic frequencies to the deep truths contained in the Gospels of St Thomas, Philip and Magdalene, each session begins in Teleseminar format, as Pippa takes 35-40 minutes to guide you deeply into the Field of Metatron’s energy and presence while sharing reflections and thoughts. We then move into 35-40 minutes of silence while she continues to work with you through each Activation. While still in the Field, Pippa records the information that unfolds – this usually takes approximately 45 minutes and she then sends you the resulting energy-charged email, ‘reporting live from the 11th dimension’. This provides dynamic support as your cells respond to the Light they have received and the alchemy of their transformation spreads through your energy system and your awareness.

Activation One: Intro & Christ Matrix: 

This energy-infused session will give you a deeply felt sense of Metatron’s seminal relationship with the Cosmic Christ. The Christ story carries an inner, energetic truth which transcends all divisions of religion and belief, and Jesus Christ was clear in his teaching that each of us holds the same potential for Mastery as he demonstrated on Earth. The energy of love perfected through the human being, which he planted within the body of the Earth, has germinated through 2,000 years and in this pivotal time of such crisis and great opportunity, it’s over to us to step  into spiritual adulthood and awaken to the power of the Cosmic Christ which is calling to every one of us to awaken, to remember ourSelves.

Activation Two: Awakening Your Thirst:

In The Gospel of St Thomas, Jesus tells us that he stood right in the midst of the world, fully manifested in the flesh, but that everyone was drunk – they had no thirst. This activation will be powerfully stimulating, “shaking off the wine” that has dimmed your perception through the centuries, and reawakening your passion and your spiritual thirst as it reminds your cells of the cosmic power held within their deep Truth, and re-fills them with the Divine Light that will guide you toward the dynamic fulfilment of your life path.

Activation Three: Emptying the Self:

Jesus required his followers to return their awareness to ground zero; to unlearn; to cultivate the true beginner’s mind; to know that we don’t know: like the hole that grows larger the more that is taken away from it, so we too rest more deeply in emptiness – and the larger the hole, the greater the space to receive. “Become yourselves,” Jesus says, “passing away.” This activation will open the doors of your awareness to the freedom and power and joy that fill us constantly as we dare to embark on the deepest giving away of ourselves, and grow towards the true, self-emptying love that has no conditions.

Activation Four: Engagement:

Jesus was no abstract philosopher – he was a workman and he gathered his disciples from other working women and men. He entered deep into every aspect of the Earth experience, embracing all its facets and addressing every person and situation with the compassion, truth and power of his commitment, his attention and total engagement. We are charged to do the same – and why? Because the journey of apparent separation in our physical bodies is the journey into the self-knowing that will set us free from fear, illusion and limitation. Only by entering deeply into that physical journey, and bringing the full force of our Spirit into our earth vehicles, will we come to know ourselves, ultimately transcending the pains of the human journey as we find freedom and return to Love.

Activation Five: Birthing:

A now-famous passage from St Thomas’ Gospel tells us that, “If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will complete you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” This potent truth has risen to the surface of our collective consciousness now because at the crossroads we face, living apart from our divine selves is no longer an option. This activation will stimulate your solar plexus to co-create with the wisdom of your heart, preparing you for the greatest ‘bringing forth’ of all – the birthing of Christ Consciousness, of love and non-separation, through the vehicle of your life.

Activation Six: Spiritual Revolution:

Jesus never promised easy comfort: he challenged us to let go of security to embrace deep truth. He challenged us to ‘leave home’, because he knew the deeper truth that home is everywhere, that it is all around us; but also that we will never find it by playing safe. Only by leaving behind what is familiar and apparently secure do we carry out the most essential work of uncovering ourselves, remembering who we really are – and thus finding the real security that can only come from within. This activation will bring the potent fuel of divine love to that crucial search and step you deeper into ‘re-member-ance’, and the authentic, living power of your soul.

Activation Seven: The Bridal Chamber:

“When you make the two one, and you make the inner as the outer and the outer like the inner and the upper like the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male will not be male nor the female be female …  then you will enter the Kingdom.” Where and how do we find this ultimate state of nonduality, which was at the core of all that the Master Jesus – along with Mary Magdalene – lived and taught? Through what vehicle can we purify the dark soup of our human needs and fears and learn to cultivate the love that unites and resurrects? We will find it in the ‘bridal chamber’ of our sacred hearts – and though this is an ages-long search, this activation will deliver the divine feminine and masculine forces into the expansive and harmonious embrace of your heart center, catalysing a chain reaction of remembrance and repair that will deepen through time.

Activation Eight: Miracle Consciousness:

The traditional gospels are full of Jesus’ references to his ‘father’, and the relationship between ‘Father’ and ‘Son’ is the relationship between pure Spirit and the Embodiment of that Spirit in form. In our personal lives, this realisation can inform the relationship between our Soul which comes from Oneness, and our Ego which comes from separation, deepening the bridging of your ‘heavenly’ aspects with those of ‘earth’. As we harness the ego in service to the greater force of Spirit, gathering up our own ‘earth’ aspects in order to ground and anchor the energies of ‘heaven’ into all that we create, we transcend that fundamental illusion of separation, and birth in our daily living the miracles – small and large – whose constant flow is natural to the Uni-verse (One-verse).

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