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The Christ Matrix: Sacred Marriage

Awakening to Christ Consciousness is the challenge and the immense gift of the Age in which we live. And Metatron is a vast Being emanating directly through the Cosmic Christ from Source; he (she/it – no gender in the angelic realms!) has been described as the Divine Architect, and also as the Science Aspect of The Christ. His presence is amplifying in our time because he carries the sacred geometric tools to deliver the powerful energies of Divine Love directly into our cellular consciousness, and thus to catalyse the shifts for which we have so long prepared ourselves.

Feedbacks from The Christ Activations 2016

There was a sense of Lights being turned on inside and a calmness: for me that is a Miracle already. I can sense Love filling the air which is something I’ve not been able to feel for way too many holiday seasons. My heart is learning what the Holy Days truly mean. Infinite Blessings & Infinite Gratitude, Gloria R

I felt trebly energized, so full of goodness, happiness and joy. Gratitude undulated in my heart as frequencies of love showered over me like a plethora of falling stars in the night sky. I feel a new sense of strength inside … deep appreciation for this journey with Metatron and all of us in this exquisite alchemical, crucible of grace.  So beautiful, so grateful, so blessed, much love, Robert B

What a beautiful stillness that descended, taking everything, thoughts, memories, judgements, body, mind, the idea of Jesus, or Christ, or enlightenment.  Taking everything, everything is in the field. Everything is in this stillness. This is filled with so much depth and richness that I feel like truth is whispering through every moment and it is so much more than I could ever have imagined. Love, Lorraine C

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