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What is Ascension?

What is Ascension?

1st September 2016:

“Plane hits heavy turbulence: 16 people medically treated on landing.” Not today, thank Heaven, but a few reports of this kind have hit our screens in recent years and when they do, they seem to show how The Shift can feel on a really bad day.

Recent months of turbulence – fires and floods and elections and bank frauds and, much more than all of that, the Biblical exodus of refugees – have touched us all in different ways. For years, we’ve been told these are arising out of the Ascension process. The word is very familiar, but what do we really mean?

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Ascension; Christing; Embodiment; Presence: these are all words which essentially describe the same process. They attempt to convey the goal of the spiritual path, because as we walk that path, we make the return journey from a place where we have felt separate and divided and back to one where union, communion or oneness are real. That’s a start, but a rather general one: let’s take a closer look.

The gift of a human life is an amazing opportunity for any soul, and it also calls us for a tremendous act of focus and commitment as we each pack a goodly portion of our vast unlimited spirit into the physical vehicle of our body and auric field. Once we get here, we are faced with plenty of challenges while we’re also presented with multiple attractions. It’s easy to get overly caught up in the attractions just as it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the tests, for the gravitational pull takes hold soon enough and the high-frequency light which is the life force of our spirit begins to grow dense.

It’s as if we’ve come to look downward so consistently that we forgot what was up and beyond, and the silver cord which links us to the power of our spirit has grown dim for lack of attention. Though this was not the original design, in practice we’ve been on that downward run for quite a while, and in the process we’ve become amnesiac. Over-densification is hazardous – we could call it the ‘turning to stone’ of legend and myth – so it’s not surprising that we have felt an urgent collective need to ‘ascend’; to transcend the pull of that density and remember our true freedom and power and love.

Ascension, though, is not about leaving something behind. It’s rather the opposite: it’s about arriving most fully on the Earth which is also Heaven; anchoring the roots into our Earth are more while the doorways of our Heaven are opened wide. It’s about stepping into the fullness of our human roles as the bridge between spirit and matter, heaven and earth, dissolving the glue which in the past has held us captive in our limiting stories and beliefs. It’s about embracing our personal story so deeply, in all of its struggle and glory, that we can integrate its wisdom and let go its gravitational pull. It’s about acknowledging what exists within our depths so we can more clearly see what exists around us. As we ‘ascend’, we move more fluently from the personal to the transpersonal and back again.

Ascension is embodiment. It is presence. Ultimately, it is the ability to hold the higher frequency of our spirit-light steady and consistent through the turbulence – metaphorical or literal – in our lives; to stay present no matter what is happening around. Freed of attachment to personal identity with all its limitations and its perpetual skating from past to future, we can be present in all our power. We can expand beyond the narrow confines of our 5-sensory band of perception, stretching that band high and deep into the richness of the subtle worlds. This is the journey into 5th-dimensional living. It is the essence of our Christing, the great task and gift and goal of our Age.

Metatronic Healing® is a very potent tool that we’ve been given at this time in history to find our way back from separation and return to our true nature. At every stage of the ‘Metatronic’ journey, we become more firmly established in our physical bodies, for these are the sacred vehicles through which our spirits can express and act and grow. This is what Metatron has offered from the start, and it is what he deepens and empowers in us each step of the way as the work continues to develop and grow. Through this dynamic work, we can find our way back from separation and return to our true nature.